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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Watch videos from the web on your tablet or phone & beam it to your Connected TV
If you can browse, you can beam!
Twonky Beam provides you with a simple and familiar way to discover and enjoy Internet videos with your tablet or phone and beam them to your TV or other media players on your home network. Twonky Beam also allows you to beam content on your mobile device or another media server in your home network.
When you visit your favorite websites, or discover new ones, Twonky Beam will display a Twonky Beam button over the media files that you are able beam to your TV or sound system. The home page of Twonky Beam contains links to popular websites with great content you can beam. Browse many pages at once through tabs, with the home page always available to you as the main tab. You can also create and manage bookmarks, so that you can easily find your favorite sites.
A simple tap of the screen will beam the chosen content to your selected player, such as your Airplay enabled, UPnP or DLNA certified device or you can enjoy content locally on your tablet or phone.
One of the best ways to use Twonky Beam is with Internet video, but it also works with audio and photos. You can also create playlists with a queue of multiple selections that will play continuously in the order you added them, or you can change the order and delete items from your queue. It is always possible to continue browsing, either on the current site or another site, while your media plays on the device.
• Enjoy a familiar browser experience for discovering and enjoying Internet video, audio and photos
• Open multiple sites at once with tabbed browsing
• Play the videos locally on the mobile device or beam them to a player on your home network
• Seeing the Twonky Beam Button lets you quickly know when you can beam something
• Create and manage bookmarks for your favorite websites
• Quickly access recommended links to websites that contain content you can beam
• Play selected content to remote devices, while continuing to browse
• Create and manage a queue of content
• Browse, beam, or play media on your tablet or phone or another media server in your home network
• Share media on your tablet or phone with other devices
• Play or beam PlayReady or DTCP-IP protected content (Requires Android 4.0 or higher, valid content license and compatible player for beaming)
• Browse and beam media contained in RSS feeds
*Please note that the beaming functionality relies on the capabilities of the devices on your home network, as well as the media support provided by specific websites. Beaming does not work with Flash content.

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