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WWTuner WEB Radio Tuner

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UpdatedNovember 26, 2014
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Radio is your passion?
WWTuner (World Wide Tuner) is a free radio player offering thousands of internet radio stations all around the World, all for FREE.
Not only Web Radios, but also all kind of podcast and online audio streaming.
WWTuner differs from major competitors, TuneIn and Pandora for instance, for many reasons:
– Light (5 Mb) and effective.
– Intuitive user interface, specifically designed for mobile phone. Practical to use outdoors, while exercising and in the car.
– Low usage of CPU, memory, internet bandwidth.
– Does not kill your mobile battery.
– No user registration required and no personal data is collected.( Note: requires”READ_PHONE_STATE” permission only to be able to turn off radio volume in case of incoming call.)
– Discreet usage of advertising.
– Radio receiver look.
– Optimized for WiFi, 3G and 4G connections.

WWTuner is simple but provides many extra features, like OFF timer and the ability to store your own radio stations and streaming.
Quick selector feature allows you to store and fast recall your preferred stations.

Timer function allows to turn on desired radio station at desired time, timers can also be daily or weekly.
Direct link to radio station website.

Stations are organized by Genre, Language, Area, Country, State (Only USA), User Rating and it’s possible to associate searchable notes to each station.

Database will be generated after installation, this process is done in background with low priority. This means that needs to wait (can take more than one hour), before all first 30.000 stations are downloaded.
BTW, you can begin to discover WWTuner while update is in progress. This is a first time only operation.

If your phone has low memory space, you can choose to deselect genres you don’t desire to be downloaded and save space on your phone. See WWTuner HELP for more information..

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If you are looking for a radio station for free, or you search a radio app fm, WWTuner it’s your perfect choice!

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