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Confirmed working on Kindle Fire, about to test on NookColor.  Will update with results.


Bummer…Not working on Kindle Fire…I get a “Problem Parsing” error…


 What App is not working on the Kindle Fire?


Doesn’t work on Kobo Vox


Crackle it,s on………Doesn,t want to work on my Kobo Vox….I ‘m gonna try again wish me luck and I ‘ll get back to you later or the following day.


Well I just tried again to download Crackle it’s on and I got “Problem Parsing” error. Something is wrong with the app.


 We uploaded a new version of crackle, see if that works for you.


Awesome guys…..Crackle download was a success,also I have never in my life seen such quick response from any company…you guys are the best…..keep up the great work!!!


Both netflix and moboplayer dont work on my kobo vox


 We uploaded a new version of the netflix app to the latest version available, it should work on the vox


 We uploaded a new version of the netflix app to the latest version available, it should work on the vox


 We also uploaded a new version of mobi player, this also should work


Winamp won’t install on my vox 🙁


 We just updated it to the latest version, see if it works now.


tried  to download Crackle and Netflix for kobo ereader it’s on and I got “Problem Parsing” error. Something is wrong with the app.


 The kobo e-reader or the Kobo Vox?


 You need to install Adobe Air to get these 2 programs to work. Its in our essential app section


Can’t find the app on my Vox…


 kono ereader


 tried installing Adobe Air get the same error


will you be making this available on the playbook


I have tried many times and this will not download to my bb pb 


Is this coming to your Playbook section?


Won’t work on Kobo Vox


Unable to download Spotify to Kindle Fire. Tried download to PC but got bad request message.


I have a velocity cruz tablet i have had spotify on here before went to sync from computer it removed all my music downloads now when i retry to download spotify again im premium account says parsh couldnt download what is this and why wont it download please help me im going for surgery n would like to take my music with me for my 14 days ill be in


Will this be available for Playbook?


 Adobe Air is a .APK file not a BAR file, so explain how to install AA…


trying to get netflix on my pocket edge    help


Netflix for Playbook is long overdue…would be nice to have it available!


Cannot download sky go to my kobo vox..any suggestions?


Still trying to downolad sky go to my vox


PLEASE CAN YOU HELP MEive  just bought the blackberry play book and i’ve down loaded from your apps now i’m  struggling  how do i get to my directory and find the apps also i would like to get the ancestry app on  june


how can you install this (Tunein Radio) to your playbook? .. Because i do not see it says anything about been a bar file.


is this coming to playbook would be very good to see it there cause other alternatives are not as good or reliable as utorrent seems to be   


can u put netflix on playbook


How to install .apk directly into playbook


hoping to get youtube, stumbleupon, ted, yahoo email, rte news live, irish newspaters, facebook, tecca, and then the longed for films/tv and apps too – the additions it was bought for
can i get LEGAL and WORKING download to it, also mt web preference ie firefox


Woot. Works perfectly on the Kobo Arc.


I just use the Tunein web site, it works fine on the Playbook.


you need to install ddpb and convert the .apk file to .bar files in order to use them on playbook.


yes. The .bar file you need is under the Playbook apps section.


yes. The .bar file you need is under the Playbook apps section. Only trouble is if you are trying to access an Ultraviolet account, you won’t be able to see your movies. Dunno why.


You have to ‘upload the .bar files to you Playbook in order to use them.
Download ddpb and upload them through there. You will have to access your settings on the PLaybook and turn on the password. Set a password. Remember this as you will need it. Go to Developer tools and turn on development mode. Enter the password you have just created. Connect your Playbook to your PC. Use DDPB to upload the downloaded .bar files to your Playbook.
If you look on Youtube, there are loads of instructionals on how to do this.


Anyone got SkyGo for Playbook?


This is really an interesting post. Thanks for sharing this.


I bought a security camera and DVR from – Its great!


TWC TV is working on Kidle Fire HD.  I have their top model table, with high mem. and AT&T 4G.  Downloaded from this site, and while the streaming is less than perfect and the picture quality is not great it does work.  On my Kindle Fire Tablets can only view menu and set up recording.  NOTE: you can not see all your cable channels.  It has a list of those which are viewable and the premiums like HBO etc. are not available.  But still a pretty good selection.  It will only work on YOUR WI FI.  and will not work with 4G connection.
I also have SlingBox and it provides a more stable and hi quality picture. Also is availabe for use anywhere.  This app is a nice thing to have for “around the house” viewing — more a secondary convenience than something you would depend on for regular viewing. The ability to see upcoming programs and perhaps set them for recording is nice and while I haven’t tried it, likely is also dependent on your WI FI connection.
Only download from here.  The Google/Amazon sites will likely tell you you don’t have proper equipment.  The download goes to your Download File so you will need a file app to find it and then load it on your tablet.  After that, sign in with your TW credentials and it works.  Also if you have more than one set top box be sure to select the one you want to control.  Since you can change channels on each box you might be working with the box in the bedroom while trying to control the one in the family room.  Nice step forward by TW but a bit limited and a bit cranky for viewing.


Just downloaded this app onto my Kobo Vox and it opens but when I try to run it says I need to upgrade this application. I click on ok to upgrade and it takes me to google store where It says my device is incompatible with this version. Anyone able to help, coz one of the main reasons for me buying a kobo was for the ability to use sky go. Thanks         Rob


P.s I just realised that the arc has android 4.0 pre-installed…. could this be the cause?


The updated version of this app can be found on Google Play under the name “StreamComplete” at :


Watson ddpb?????


What’s… Sorry


Does dat work on PlayBook??????:


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Does this work with Galaxy tab 2?


any results for kindle fire??


You have complied a direct install list which you can install absolutely for complimentary in your Android Tablet or perhaps e-Reader. These Movie and also Stream applications tend to be all optimized for your Kobo Vox, Kindle Fire, Pandigital Book, Velocity Micro Cruz, Entourage Wallet Edge and much more. Numerous e-readers which are in essence Android Pills dont come together with the greater number of important apps like the Kobo Vox and Kindle Fire. If you would like to get Netflix, Hulu+ or diverse news players, you get them here.


Any chance of updating “Stitcher”? There is a new update and its even better than this older version.I cant access Google Play with my tablet so I rely on your excellent app store instead. Happy 2013!


installed on kindle fire hd 8.9, but sign in doesn’t work.  Any advice?


Has anyone gotten this app to work on the Z10


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In case anyone is interested, here is the latest version of Yatse Widget (3.0.1 as of April 2013) in .bar format for the Playbook, and works beautiful with XBMC 12.1! ->


Latest Version of Tunewiki Pro (4.5.1) fully functional:


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I’ve tried to convert this app and use it on my Z10, but no luck.  It crashed at launch, everytime.


Download Free Mp3 Music at


i couldnt download it on my z10


Is there a BB10 version for PlayTo?


my kobo vox will play a youtube video. …but not netflix. how do I fix this? Help please


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I’ve downloaded some of these type apps before. There are some decent ones, but usually very limited in the free version. Gonna take this one for a spin!…


Interesting app. Always looking for recording stuffs. May give it a try…


im runing the version 3.3.1 and the call widget, but i cant install the stream widget… 
anyone have it?


Hey ppl, here is an approach that will get the new Note 3 to work with the smart view app (for people who are still having problems downloading the smart view app from the playstore):

Raj Mario Faber Mehta
November 19th, 2013 at 5:52 am

Is there any PC- Version (W 7)?


Raj Mario Faber Mehta Hi Raj, I haven’t seem any PC version out there yet…


Raj Mario Faber Mehta  yes u can download torch music for win7.i hv it in win7………..its good.just dnt know how to download playing song in mp3.


I found a way to watch TV portal on my computer by download a few programs.  I put up a tutorial on youtube if anyone would like to check it out.


Thanks a bunch for this post! Love the product. It’s incredibly efficient and what a time saver! The auto formatting is huge for me..very impressed. I’d definitely recommend giving it a look:  Thanks again!


Need to download on my Black Berry,thank you for sharing


I love IMVU and I will always love it, they are the best of what they are doing, with imvu 2 go it;s even better.


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It’s nice for me to check out this new device. I can use it to
practice my listening skill in English. Thanks for sharing


Why can I not send the movie from my phn to chromecast from the app?


i registered, but i can’t log in. how do i log in to this program? I prefer NOT reentering all the info. is it a scam?


Cool I’ll check it out


Why can’t I find my favorite movie?HUH?


i hope i will enjoy watching good flims and others as well.


Why the hell would we need to use another stupid app to listen to music from VEVO? Why not just take your restriction off of Youtube and let us listen to your music and watch your videos there? You went through Youtube to gain your popularity, and that you have it, you’re trying to remove yourself from Youtube on the mobile platform and strike out on your own, well striking out is exactly what you’ll do.

If you’re reading this, don’t download VEVO’s app. VEVO started on Youtube, and on Youtube it should stay.

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