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UpdatedJune 24, 2014
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Grasp instant good music!
How can you look for a song when you only know the melody?
What will you do when you hear a good music but you do not know the name of the song?
“MusicRadar” can apply music to search music and search the song which is playing or humming for you. You can enjoy the beauty of music with only a few seconds!
[Unique advantage]
Fastest identification: It can identify the music which is playing in one second fastest.
Largest music library: It has the largest global music library and it can support thousands levels of songs.
Highest identification rate: Song identification accuracy is No. 1 internationally. It was awarded MIREX in 2012.

[Core function]
Identifying song during listening to it: When you have recorded a piece of music which is playing, you can search the song in a few seconds.
Humming search: You can find the song when you hum or sing the melody so that you can grasp good melody instantly.
Personalized recommendation: It applies intelligent algorithm to recommend similar songs and singers and helps you find beckoning and good music.
Music play: You can directly listen to searched music on-line for 30 seconds.
Songs sharing: You can share your searched songs on Sina Microblog, FaceBook and Twitter.
Shocking experience: Brand new music experience, music moving, heart beating.
[Problem feedback]
Customer service QQ: 2262112907
Official website:
[Official microblog]
Sina Microblog:
Tencent Microblog:
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