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UpdatedApril 20, 2014
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With more than 10 years history, Luoo is a personalized music recommendation website, providing a platform for the better promotion of Indie music and bands. We aim at discovering the simple but touching music in this era.
Luoo is not a simple showcase of good music, instead, Luoo provides brand-new interpretations of music. Our experts in different domains of music to are ready to provide their recommendations and suggestions, and we also have professional editors with special tastes who combine music, literature and photographs together. We can see in the comments that the emotions and attitudes expressed through our works resonate strongly with our audiences.
Everyday tens of thousands of people come here to listen to the music–tens of thousands of people, with entirely different stories, feelings and lives. Some of them stay at luoo for years, while others just pass us by. Here you might meet someone, or you have to leave some. Here you might be anxiously reflecting on your life, or quietly recording it. In the end, I want to thank you again, dear audiences, no matter you are sad or happy, lonely or warm, selfish or kind, thank you for bringing your uniqueness to us. We will meet you again in this brand-new station of our journey.

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