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Spirit2: FM for AOSP


Spirit2: FM for AOSP

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PublisherMike Reid
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UpdatedMarch 22, 2014
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Spirit2 is the successor to Spirit FM Unlocked. Please note that Spirit1 Unlocked has more features than Spirit2 and it will take me at least a few months to match the Spirit1 feature set.
Spirit2 is “Release Candidate 1” as of March 20. “Beta” status is just about done. If problems, previous March 10 version is here:
If you don’t know what “AOSP” means, this app is not for you, but my other app, Spirit FM Unlocked may work.
If you’re running an AOSP ROM, and can run Spirit Unlocked in digital audio mode, then you’re in luck ! 🙂 Because Spirit2 is the best darn FM radio application ever. Let me know if you think there’s a better one, at least forgiving me for some UI and bug/technical issues for now…
NOTE March 2014: Samsung and HTC are now actively preventing 3rd party FM apps from working on stock, un-rooted phones, using Knox, system permissions and other means. Reverse engineering undocumented APIs was hard enough, but this signals the death of access to stock, unrooted OEM proprietary FM APIs by “non-blessed” 3rd party FM apps (IE, Spirit, pretty much). Further details:
This does not affect Spirit2 too much, because it is only officially supported on AOSP ROMs. But this may affect you if your phone runs a stock ROM (and is rooted of course) and you’ve been relying on the “officially unsupported” support. My plans to add stock Samsung support are now cancelled, and the current ability to run on stock Sony phones is now disabled.

License validation DRM is now disabled, at least for now. App stats collection is also disabled, at least for now.
Spirit2 is officially supported on these phones running compatible AOSP ROMs:
One (GPE requires BT off)
OneX LTE, OneS, Evo 4G LTE (2013 CM11 or CM10 only. Most 2014 kernels removed module support needed for FM driver.)
G2 (International and Sprint LS980 only.)
Moto G
The only other devices with a chance of working fully are those with Qualcomm WCN3660 or newer compatible FM/BT/WiFi chips as well as Qualcomm WDC9310 or newer compatible audio chips. This includes most late 2012+ Sony devices starting with Xperia T. These may or may not work well, and are not officially supported. With sufficient demand I will consider buying a “Z” device and officially supporting some Sony’s.
The price is a bit higher than Spirit Unlocked. It will be dropped on the 1st day of each month.
These are early releases and have bugs. Please understand.
Thanks !

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