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UpdatedFebruary 6, 2014
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OnAir Player is like your private music cloud that can be controlled from anywhere, it even works across the internet. As such it needs a cloud component that manages the devices and stores information about songs and devices. WARNING: In addition to collecting your full name and email address and device information, we automatically store information related to your use of ONAIR PLAYER, such as the songs you are listening to or where you stream your music to. We collect, upload and store information about the music you imported to OnAir Player, for instance title, album, artist name and some technical information of each song. We may also store the play count and rating of each song. If you wish to keep your information private, we recommend you do not download this application.

Access your music from other devices, or remote control the music there from your phone!

OnAir Player is a revolutionary Music Player that can be used in many cool ways:

– Remote control the music on your computer.
– Stream music from your computer to the phone, even on 3G / 4G.
– Stream music from your computer to the TV, control it via the phone.
– Connect your phone to the stereo and control it from your computer, a tablet or even the web.

OnAir Player is a music app that makes all your devices act like ONE. It connects all your devices across the internet and makes it very easy to stream music to other devices or access music stored elsewhere.

It’s like your private music cloud that turns every device into a universal music control. Users simply select where the music should play, then select any song. It just works, no matter where the song is actually stored or how the target device is connected.

Please visit for more information and to download OnAir Player for tablets, computers (PC, Mac, Linux), OUYA and Google TV.

A word about permissions we ask:

Get Accounts, Use Credentials: We use this permission to enable users to log in using their Google Account that is linked to their Android. It allows you to log in without typing your password. (Don’t worry, Android is built in a way that we cannot read or access your passwords ever)

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