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UpdatedOctober 15, 2013
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Have you ever encounter the condition that the resource video file has a small voice and you can not hear clearly even you make the largest volume size? Have you ever be puzzled by the problem that you can not adjust the audio volume when you out the audio and video player app? Now we have an free app named Video Volume Setting can adjust the volume as large/small as possible! It can control all volume of media player and even the app has sound. It can offer you the best volume quality and you can boost volume of Amazon video and Audio, aVia, Hulu… by swiping along the side of the screen!

If you have interesting in it, please watch its functions in detail and you will find great surprise!
1.After you enter the app, you should active first, then you can see a vertical bars appeared in one side of the screen.
2.You can choose which side the bar appeared—right or left.
3.You can choose the width of the bar—narrow or V.narrow.
4.Slide the bar up and down, you can change the volume size. It can show you a percentage number(0%—100%).
5.Boost volume or not. If you boost it, you can make the volume over origin size. Over 100%.
6.Press the menu button of your mobile
—Setting the notification bar/sliding bar appeared when active or all the time.
—Choose active this free app in all apps or not.
—Choose Non-iniform boost or not. It can improve the clarity of voice.
—Exit the app directly!
—Support us with supply button. Please offer me five stars after using it. And if you have any question, you can send me gmail.
—If you what to install other free apps, you can press ABOUT button to install directly!
7.Unlock the screen with setting button. If you active the app, the phone screen will never locked no matter how long you do not touch the screen.

Important information:
1.If you wish to uninstall or upgrade this app, unchecked the “active” button before uninstalling or upgrading, or some system resources will be wasted (they can be reclaimed by rebooting your device).
2.When you boost the volume, it is at your own risk. Because it may damage your speakers if you make it too large!
3.Non-iniform boost: the moderate low and high frequency boost maybe decreasing speaker destruction danger.

It is an free app that adjust media player volume. No matter the video volume can be adjusted but also the mp3 player and many other audio players. When you exit the audio player with the song still playing. You may can not adjust the volume, with this app, you can adjust quickly. Th e most great thing is you can boost volume to meet your requirements! Have a try now!
You can not uninstall it if you active with setting button. If you what to uninstall it,please follow these steps:
Setting—-location & security—select device administrators—unmarked the app.
Setting—application—manage application—uninstall it

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