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UpdatedSeptember 25, 2013
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Do you have private videos and photos that you don’t want your friends or family or coworkers can see? Gallery Vault will help you keep them hide on your phone. These hidden private videos and photos do not accessible from any file explorer. Other photos remain available to your family or friends or coworkers.

Gallery Vault (Free) main features:
1. Easy-to-use PIN pad access
2. Hide photo and videos both from gallery.
3. Faster hiding and un-hiding large size video files just in few seconds.
4. Organize your videos and photos into folders.
5. Manage your folders by create, rename or delete operations.
6. Quick switching between private folders to view its contents.
7. Move items of one folder to another on the fly.
8. Unhide all contents of folder by one click.
9. User friendly interface with quick actions tool bar at top. It shows those options that is appropriate to user action.
10. Keep backup of hidden videos and photos by default. If user un-install application then all videos and photos remain safe and easily restore.
11. Unhide one or more than one videos with single click.
12. Full-screen viewing.
13. Support great user experience by adding support of UIs in portrait and landscape mode.
14. Share photos or videos at any social network and send mail to friends directly without revealing your private contents.
15. Up and down folders quickly because all folders are sorted by name
16. Customize UI

Note: Application price will change as soon as we add features but application new price will not charged to user that already have this application.

Upcoming features:
1. Take and hide photo from camera.
2. Record and hide video from camera.
3. Quick view of private photos and videos at main view (folder view).
4. Quick playing video or view full size HD image at folder view by double tapping target folder.
5. Enhance security
6. All screen sizes support including tablets.

How it works:
1. Login to application.
2. To hide video or photo, open gallery and pick it.


Q: How do I see my private contents (videos or photos)?
A: Login to application. Tap to folder to view its contents (videos or photos or both).

Q: How I can hide video?
A: Open any folder, tap “hide and pick video” icon at top bar that will launch gallery of videos. Just tap to any target video and hiding process is done.

Q: How I can hide photo?
A: Open any folder, tap “hide and pick video” icon at top bar that will launch gallery. Just tap to any target photo and hiding process is done.

Q: What happen if I cancel unhiding operation by device BACK button?
A: Application will cancel operation. It unhide current item (video or photo) safely but do not unhide next selected item.

Q: How many videos and photos, I can hide?
A: You can hide as many as you have space at your SD card.

Q: If I uninstall application then my private contents lost?
A: No, this application save your videos and photos as backup in raw format on phone that is not readable by any file manager or explorer and easily available when user re-install this application.

Q: If I un-install application then how I can restore my private videos?
A: When you reinstall application then it will automatically get all your hidden contents.

Q: If i delete my private photos and videos from application then can i restore?
A: No.

Q: Any scenario that will leads to delete all my private contents?
A: Private contents will delete if user format SD card or delete contents through application.

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