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UpdatedSeptember 23, 2013
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In this market and/or store, you can find thousands of MP3 Players 🙂
For some users, functionality is important but for others, it is not. The most important aspect is that it is easy to use and users like it.

We♥Music (we love music) MP3 Player is yet another MP3 Player, user-friendly, simple but visual and intuitive, reducing unnecessary and/or complicated functions for ordinary users who are not familiar with too much technical operations to enjoy listening to music. The screen display is visual so that it is also available as a board showing “Now Playing” information.

The player applied popular operation metaphor like an analog audio system and reduces operations such as fast-forward and rewind buttons those which are not useful in recent player. It also reduces transition of several screen and/or views as much as possible. In order to listen to music, basically, users may use playback view and music list view only.
It also supports simple but intuitive operability. You can browse and/or hop playback by flicking Album Art displayed on the screen. Such operability is new but make users’ operations user-friendly, simple and more intuitive.
Except for selecting music, these operations are also available by clicking the button attached on your headset and/or headphone.


This app is still new in market, therefore we would like to find bugs, collect issues or troubles (such as ANR) occurred on your device. If you face on such problems, please do not hesitate to send us your error logs. We will definitely treat the information that you have provided as confidential. Supportive information such as the model you are using, Android version of your mobile device and brief summary are also welcome ( Thank you for your corporation.

Prerequisite Software

In order to use this application program, users may need and/or be required to install Adobe AIR runtime for Android.


This application software is incorporated with ads components provided by: Google AdMob, Millenial Media and Mediba Ad. Detailed information such as Privacy Policy are referred from the attached document in the application program and/or following site:

Personal Information

The app accesses and uses your following personal information: location, title and/or artist name of music which you are currently listening. The former is used for ads optionally and the latter is used for ads and as keywords for searching operation on Internet navigation.


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Message Dec.19,2012

I apologize for those persons who had troubles (crashes) using some Samsung’s devices, and I really appreciate for those users who support us by telling the situation. Samsung devices are very famous in the world, but I couldn’t check even for major devices because of my financial reason. YOUR INFORMATION is very important for me to improve and/or maintain my app … No. OUR app. So, please kindly keep in your mind that WE ARE MAKING THE APP TOGETHER!

In version 1.0.9, I rectified major parts of logic directly related to crashes, however I can’t say my rectification is perfect because I cannot test on target devices.

If you have friends who abandon to install or use our app. Please forward my apology and ask whether or not they can cooperate my field testing.

m(_ _)m

Recent changes:
(1) In order to save the problems on some devices, omit MediaStoreAccess function. I hope troubles may not happen on those devices.
(2) Omit the image effect on Album Art due to the request from a guy in Thailand 🙂

(1) Rectify bugs causing crashes mainly Samsung some devices related to the use of Media Store services.

(1) Rectify logic in MediaStoreAccess for handling no targets.

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