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Sleeping Sounds for Baby HD

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UpdatedSeptember 23, 2013
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Singing your baby to sleep with lullabies is like second nature to most parents, but what are you to do when you don't know the words to songs that will send your sweet pea to dreamland? Here is the answer for your question – our brand new application “Sleeping Sounds for Baby”.
So you want your baby fall in dreamful sleep quicker just launch app and set timer for how much time do you want to play music. Sit and relax in piece.
As we know one of the biggest frustrations for parents then baby is the lack of sleep. Parents of babies will do anything to help their babies fall – and stay – asleep. Whether lullabies and soft music really contribute to the sleep state is debatable, but there's no doubt that soothing sounds can help produce calm and relaxation, for both babies and parents.
Get your baby off to sleep with this gentle, soothing and relaxing lullaby music sounds. The music is quite gentle so you may need to adjust the volume – we hope it works in getting your little one off to sleep.
What you can find in our application for babies?
Dreamy instrumentals sounds, they will create soothing, relaxing atmosphere. Authentic sounds emulate the womb experience, comforting babies with the sensation of their mother's presence.
* Four Lullabies for Babies / Melodies / Sounds for quick kids sleeping;
* Twenty Lullaby music time play choices choose time witch your baby need to sleep;
* One nice Lullaby music background with big blue musical moon in the sky;
* One Great sound quality;
* A lot of happy and sleepy babies and parents all over the world.
* A lot of dream dreamed by babies.
What can you find in internet about our “Sleeping Sounds for Baby” application?
Online Pregnant mam new for baby:
I love this gentle piano music! If it had been available when my twins were babies, I would have played it around the clock. This is a truly lovely collection that's just right for dreamtime.
Classic sleeping sounds for babies:
Experts may dispute whether exposing babies to classical music has any true merit. Music aficionados may scorn the synthesized version of this classic music. Baby Einstein calls it “re-orchestrated for little ears”, but parents agree — babies love this music!
Mother’s babies
All over the world, mothers soothe their babies to sleep with the sounds of song. Sleeping Sounds for Baby collects the best tunes from around the globe. A whopping 4 tracks travel from Taiwan to Tahiti, with stops in nearly every country along the way.
Sleep, Baby, Sleep:
This collection truly reveals a mother's love for her baby or babies! with original sounds recorded by app makers. Her versatile and elegant voice captures the most touching and sweet moments of parenthood. Every parent should have the experience of rocking their babies to sleep while listening to this app lullaby music sounds.
A Father’s lullaby
This is a lullaby album that parents will enjoy as much as their children.
Pregnant Mother:
If you're a new parent and you'd like to venture beyond the standard lullaby fare of “Hush, Little Baby,” “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” and “Rock-a-bye Baby,” check out these new lullabies for babies. This new wave of music for babies will soothe your sleeping tots while introducing you to original compositions.
Lullaby Island:
Combines sounds of nature with 4 original and traditional tunes, most of which you've never heard but all of which you and your baby need to hear.

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