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UpdatedSeptember 21, 2013
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The best way to enjoy your movies.
The most powerful video player on Android!

Our player supports:
All video formats and protocols.
Best playback experience and quality with dual-engine.
Movies auto-detected and listed with thumbnail and details.
Manage your movies easily.
Enjoy or download plenty of web videos free (when sky browser has been installed), including:
e.g. Youku, Tudou, Qiyi, Sohu video, Phoenix video, QQLive, Ku6, CCTV, PPlive, Yinyuetai, Sina video, LeTV, 56, 163, etc.
Mainstream handset based on android 2.x/3.x/4.x and Armv5/v6/v7 chipsets inside.
Optimize for your CPU fully.

Please feel free to submit any of your feedbacks or concerns to the email address below, we are committed to solve any issues and work to complete your satisfaction!

Web site:

LGPLed FFmpeg components are dynamic linked, source are available on our website.

Why TPlayer can’t run on my phone ?
Maybe the version of your Android device is too low, or your Android device is not a device with ARM chipset.
TPlayer can run on most Android equipment (above 2.0) with ARM chipset, currently ARMv5, ARMv5 / VFP, ARMv6, ARMv6 / VFP, ARMv7 / VFP, ARMv7 / VFPv3, ARMv7 / NEON are supported.
How can I do if some local files can not be played?
You can try to use jni engine, native engine, or other players by long pressing menu
Moreover, you can try to change the default decoder settings of local file, or chang them by extensions name.
How can I do if some streaming can not be played?
You can try to change the default decoder settings of streaming, or chang them by websites name.
What are differences among decision by TPlayer, native engine, and jni engine?
Android native engine could take full advantage of native capabilities, so it is faster, more subtle and power-saving, but support limited formats and compatibility is not stable enough sometime.
Software jni engine is more stable, but slower and more rough than hardware decoding.
Decide by TPlayer is smater and more convenient, however, TPlayer will first try native engine, then jni engine. But TPlayer maybe fail in some cases, you could set the decoder by yourself for these special cases.
Why prompt “Loading decoder failed.” after launching TPlayer?
Maybe the CODEC has not been installed, or is not compatible with your device.
You can try to download and install the most compatible CODEC following the prompt of TPlayer, or download it from our website, then install it from computer by youself.
Why some file downloaded can not be played by other device or player ?
The programs suffixed by .ts are encrypted to meet the requirement of content copyright protection, and can only be enjoyed by TPlayer on the special device.
Why TPlayer fail to create thumbnails for some programs occasionally?
If some video files can not be decoded, its thumbnail can not be display also; or the frame captured may happen to be a black picture actually; moreover, the thumbnails won’t be displayed before the process finished.
How to ignore some folders ?
You can keep these folders unchecked on “choose folder”.
How to display subtitles while enjoying local video files?
If the subtitles which contains the video file name and end with “.srt” or “.ass” are copied to the directory where video exists, they can be automatically detected by TPlayer. Multi subtitles can be shown one by one or hiden; The font size, style, color and type of subtitles can be changed on on Menu – Tools – System settings – Subtitle settings.

Recent changes:
1. Fix some bugs;

1. Support 4.1 better;
2. Fix some bugs;

1. Fix some bugs;
2. Update hot links;

1. Brand-new and amazing 3D UI;
2. Support android 4.1, more fluent decoding;
3. Support secondary SD, scan more rapidly;
4. Provide more web hot links;

1. More robust for web video;
2. Update some hot links;

1. More compatible for web video;
2. Optimize for s7/s10;

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