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UpdatedOctober 24, 2015
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iPOLiS mobile app lets you to view the live video and control pan/tilt/zoom functions, search & playback anywhere with your smartphone if you use Samsung Techwin’s security system. iPOLiS mobile is a free application designed specifically for Samsung Techwin’s security network product.
◎ iPOLiS mobile Help
◎ Supported models will be updated continuously.
◎ This application is optimized for Android OS 2.3.5, 4.0.3 and 4.1.2.
◎ Recommended Smartphone
– Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android v2.3.5)
– Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android v4.1.2)
– Samsung Galaxy Note (Android v4.0.3)
– Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Android v4.1.2)
◎ Current compatible with such models as :
>> N/W Camera
– SNB-5000, SND-5080/F, SNV-5080, SNV-5010, SNO-5080R, SNV-5080R (v2.10 or Higher)
– SNB-7000, SND-7080/F, SNV-7080, SNO-7080R, SNV-7080R (v1.20 or Higher)
– SNB-1001, SND-1080, SND-1011, SNV-1080, SNO-1080R, SNV-1080R (v1.00 or Higher)
– SNB-3002, SND-3082/F, SNV-3082 (v1.00 or Higher)
– SNB-5001, SND-5061, SND-5011, SND-5010 (v1.00 or Higher)
– SNB-7001, SND-7061, SND-7011 (v1.00 or Higher)
– SNB-7002, SND-7082/F, SNV-7082 (v1.00 or Higher)
– SNZ-5200 (v1.05 or Higher)
– SNV-3120 (v1.24 or higher)
– SNP-3120, SNP-3120V, SNP-3120VH (v1.27 or Higher)
– SNP-5200, SNP-5200H (v2.00 or Higher)
– SNP-3371, SNP-3371H, SNP-3371TH (v1.01 or Higher)
– SNP-3302, SNP-3302H (v1.01 or Higher)
– SNP-6200, SNP-6200H (v1.00 or Higher)
>> Encoder
– SPE-100, SPE-400, SPE-1600R, SPE-101 v1.04 or higher
>> DVR
– SRD-1670/1650/1630/1610(D/DC), SRD-870/850/830(D/DC), SRD-470(D) (v1.08 or higher)
– SRD-1652D/852D,1650DU (v1.08 or higher)
– SRD-1671/1651/871/851/471 (v1.08 or higher)
* Live Only
– SRD-440 (v1.05 or higher)
– SRD-442 (v1.01 or higher)
– SRD-1640/840 (v1.02 or higher)
– SRD-1641/841 (v1.00 or higher)
– SDE-5001/5002/4001/4004(V) (v1.02 or higher)
– SDE-3001/3003 (v1.06 or higher)
– SDE-4001/4002/5001/5002 (v1.00 or higher)
>> NVR
– SRN-470D, SRN-1670D, SRN-1671 (v1.05 or higher)
– NET-i ware (v1.39 or higher)
◎ Recommended profile information for optimal live video monitoring
– If using MJPEG : 320×240, 5fps, Normal(10)
– If using H.264 : 320×240, 10fps, Normal(10)
* Videos of more than 1.3M pixels are not supported.
◎ Features
– View live streaming video with PTZ control
– Supported format : H.264/MJPEG
– Video Image Flip/Mirror, Video Image Capture
– Calendar Search/Playback/Bookmark functions
(DVRs, NVRs should be upgraded to new firmware.)
– Provide the profile selection(N/W), show the profile status
– Password function for security
– Register up to 32 number of cameras
– Digital Zoom
– Show the status of a network as a color
– Quick & easy access at mobile environment & Wi-Fi networks.
– Compatible with “Dynamic domain naming service”(DDNS)
– Multi-Language
◎ The entire items are not supported in every device. Some items are not supported in certain devices.
◎ User of previous version software (v1.0) needs to register added devices to the newly installed software again.
◎ This application uses FFmpeg under LGPL v2.1
◎ The device can limit the number of users depending on network traffic status.
◎ If enabled with a password lock, updating for smartphone/tablet PCs other than Samsung Galaxy series may experience problems with updating. In such cases, disable password lock during updating.

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