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UpdatedSeptember 20, 2013
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mVideoCut is a free cloud based service that processes your videos on a remote server while you can use your phone or tablet for other things, like playing games or browsing the net!
If you use other video editor apps, while your clip is being processed you have to to charge your phone, leave your phone` screen on, and usually you cannot use your phone for browsing or gaming, since video processing is so power consuming that it locks up your mobile.
But NOT with mVideoCut! Your video is processed in the cloud so processing won`t drain your battery and slow down your phone! You can even create full movies with cheap phones!
Also we give you free storage space in the cloud so you can process your clips online while on the go!
With mVideoCut’s highly professional, still very user friendly interface, you can quickly:
– Join more videos into one clip even with different resolutions (mp4, 3gp formats supported)
– Add music or background music to your clips (mp3, wma, m4a, wav, flac, ogg formats supported)
– Trim start of your video
– Trim end of your video
– Cut or inverse cut out a section from the middle of your video
– Add nice color filters or vignette effects (sepia, gray scale, film look, brightness, dark, etc…)
– Slow down your video and create slow motion clips
– Speed up your video
– Flip/mirror your video horizontally or vertically
– Rotate your video if you accidentally recorded it in the wrong direction
– Change your video`s orientation to landscape if you recorded it in portrait mode.
– Disable your clip`s audio so you get a silent clip with no sound
and much more…
– 50 Mb Library cloud storage size will be increased
– Add still images to your clip, so you`ll be able to create slideshows.
Video processing is one of the most resource demanding tasks on any computer. With mVideoCut you can upload videos to your online library and use them for editing on your device. The video will be created in the cloud and downloaded to your phone or tablet automatically.
This makes it possible to edit your videos ( recorded by your camera ) without hassle and without slowing down or even blocking your phone.
Since mVideoCut service processes videos in the cloud, the processing has absolutely no effect on your device; it won't slow down your mobile or drain your battery.
While your video is being created, you can freely switch back to your other activities, browse the web or play games. You can even turn your mobile off and once you start mVideoCut again, your video might be ready for download.
The free basic version has a 50 MB limit. Later on you will be able to unlock a subscription based unlimited version.
Q: Why does mVideoCut require an internet connection for video editing?
A: Because your clips are created on a powerful server, which is much faster and more capable of processing videos than your mobile device.
Q: What video files are supported?
A: 3gp, mp4. mVideoCut supports only the video files created by your mobile.
Q: My clip was not created and mVideoCut displayed an error while processing. What should I do?
A: Try to create your clip again. If it fails, try it a few days later. We`re constantly improving and fixing this service. If you still have problems, please contact us.
Q: Why I get the message, that I exceeded my limit?
A: Your video is bigger, than 50 MB. In the free version your library has a limit of 50 MB.
Q: When can I upload files larger than 50 MB?
A: Soon you`ll be able to upload much more and larger videos to your library. We`re working on that…
Q: I can`t upload my video.
A: Please check that your video format is supported (3gp/mp4), your file size is below the limit (50 MB). If you still can`t upload, contact us. Account tab, Details, Support menu.
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