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UpdatedSeptember 20, 2013
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The best metronome for Android, is also an intuitive and powerful groove box with high definition sounds.

Very easy to use, lets you set any measure, groove, drum loop or pattern quickly. A little versatile virtual drummer in your mobile phone or device.
The only stable, solid and accurate metronome with HD quality sounds for Android.

– Free version
– Three sound tracks.
– Create your own sound bank, percussion kit or drum kit.
– High-definition multilayer quality sounds, samples from real instruments like acoustic metronome clicks, digital clicks, bass drums, congas, triangles, tambourines, hihat, toms, ride cymbals, latin percussion, blocks, claves, claps, bells, cowbells, sticks …
– Set beats or rhythmic pattern to the vibrator.
– Tap tempo, detects the Beats per Minute by pressing a button, simple, slick and easy.
– Includes over 100 patterns that you can assign to any of the 3 sound tracks or vibration.
– Rhythm patterns with accents.
– Create and save your own rhythm patterns using the Pattern Creator tool, easier than a sequencer.
– Combine these patterns to create grooves.
– Includes over 60 grooves where you can find Beat, Pop, Rock, Heavy Metal, Funk, Shuffle, Latin, Songo, Bembe, Buleria, Pasodoble, Tarantella … They all are editable and programmable.
– Combine all these rhythms and grooves with the HD high quality sounds.
– Can use it as a classic analog sounds metronome.
– Stays perfectly tight all the time
– Visual Tempo.
– Silent tempo by visual tempo or vibration function.
– Practice tempo in a musical way.
– 20 to 300 Beats per minute.
– Supermetronome GrooveBox uses audio files with studio ultimate Compact Disc resolution: 44100 Hz sample rate and 16 Bits.
– Allow 5 Subdivision for Jazz swing feel.
– Set On / Off or edit pattern for the Vibrator track on the way.

The perfect tool for any guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, pianist, singer, drummer, percussionist guru or trumpet player.
Now you can have a tiny rhythm factory in your pocket, fantastic bass and guitar pocketband tool.

– Choose the number of beats and subdivisions.
– Select a groove, a sound bank and a vibrating pattern moving the wheels. You can enable or disable the sound or vibration pressing the buttons, or edit each one with the editor.
– Pressing the “Prepare” button will calculate the selected loop accurately.
– Let’s Rock

A drum machine is an electronic musical instrument designed to imitate the sound of drums or other percussion instruments. They are used in a variety of musical genres, not just purely electronic music. They are also a common necessity when session drummers are not available or desired.
Most modern drum machines are sequencers with a sample playback (rompler) or synthesizer component that specializes in the reproduction of drum timbres. Though features vary from model to model, many modern drum machines can also produce unique sounds, and allow the user to compose unique drum beats.
Sometimes called a rhythm machine, is an electronic, digital drummer. the drum machine comes with various repeating drum patterns and styles to serve as the backbeat for everything from hard rock to jazz, pop, funk, salsa and hip hop. Tempo or beats per minute (BPM) is adjustable.
Like most digital devices, the drum machine has a LED screen for cycling through “patches” or tracks named according to music genre. Each track within the category will differ from the others in some way. One might use the kick drum on an extra beat, while another might include toms or a cymbal ride.

Preset patches offer the user a wide variety of ready-made choices. Switching to another genre or category offers a whole new set of relative choices. A drum machine can come with several “drum kits” that each have their own “voices” or effects. Other handy patches of the drum machine include beginnings, breaks and endings. These can be stitched together with the standard patterns to preprogram an entire song — a great tool for soloists and songwriters.

Recent changes:
*** v.1.31

– Added delete and rename groove options.
– Added preferences menu.
– Now you can stop the rythm or not in the background.
– Now you can set to start with the last presets.
– Some bug fixed and improvements.

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