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Smart Sound Profiles Trial

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UpdatedSeptember 18, 2013
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SmartSoundProfiles Trial – – NOW WITH PLUGIN for Tasker, Locale and Llama!
Volume and ringtone profiles with individual ringtone volumes depending on incoming calls and SMS (blacklist/whitelist) with automated profile activation (time- and/or WIFI-schedules)

You don’t want to be disturbed by your phone but nevertheless you want to be able to hear really important calls/SMS from VIPs?

You want to mute system sounds like the camera sound when you take a photo (NOT POSSIBLE WITH JEALLY BEAN)?

You are using Android 4 (ICS or Jelly Bean) and you are annoyed that you can’t set separate ringer and notification volume?

You want your phone to ring louder when it is in your pocket?

Then Smart Sound Profiles is THE APP for you!

THIS IS THE FREE TRIAL VERSION. You may test it for 10 days, then it will expire and cease to work.

Full feature list:

✔ English/German (according to system language)

✔ You may set volumes for phone calls, notifications, alarms, media play and system sounds in each profile (system volume cannot be set for Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean users caused by restrictions from Google)

✔ Rising ringtone volume (configurable for each profile)

✔ EXCEPTIONS (different volumes) for incoming calls/SMS depending on contact. For example, you can define a silent profile but still hear important calls or SMS (white list/VIPs only), or vice versa you can mute only specific contacts – like a call or SMS blacklist; separate call- and SMS-volume settings per contact; any number of exceptions per profile

✔ PLUGIN for Tasker, Locale and Llama: activate sound profiles depending on custom conditions!

✔ You can assign an icon for each profile (notification bar icon/app widget); symbols for standard, vibration and silent and several colors are available

✔ Ringtone manager: system ringtones for phone calls, notifications and alarms selectable in each profile

✔ Vibration on/off for phone calls (independently for each profile)

✔ Second, louder volume (phone calls/SMS) when you phone is in your pocket or bag

✔ Second, higher volume (phone in pocket) for each contact

✔ Separate volumes for ringer and notifications even under Android 4 (ICS/JellyBean)

✔ Built-in absolute-silent-profile (all volumes to 0 including alarm volume – very convenient e.g. for job interviews)

✔ Icon in notification bar which displays the active profile and the current volumes; it also enables quick profile selection

✔ SCHEDULES: automated profile activation depending on time schedule and/or WIFI connection

✔ 1×1 App widget: shows current selected profile, quick switching to other profile, start of main App

✔ Backup/restore of all data

✔ Help with FAQs

✔ Modify global system settings: to modify volumes and ringtones
✔ Read phone state and identify: to set individual volume depending on incoming number
✔ Receive SMS: to set individual notification volume depending on incoming number
✔ Read contanct data: for selection of contacts from system phone book
✔ Network communication: required for WIFI-schedules
✔ Run at startup: necessary for the time schedules to work
✔ USB storage access: for backup/restore

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Recent changes:
✔ More colors for notification/widget-icons
✔ Solves compatibility issues with large screens (10″ tablets)
✔ Bugfixes

Content rating: Everyone

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