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Darth Vader Voice Changer DTVC

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UpdatedSeptember 16, 2013
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Talk like Darth Vader of Star Wars fame ! Use this voice changer to record your voice, then adjust to PARODY or create an accurate IMPRESSION of Darth Vader of Star Wars movie fame.

Star Wars movie fans can easily set their phone ringtones to the Darth Vader voice !
Tap on Menu – then tap on Ringtone to set the ringtone.

This app does NOT use any copyrighted audio. The background image however DOES bear a resemblance to copyrighted characters – if the copyright owner feels this is not within the ambit of “fair use” for a parody app, we may have to replace the graphic with a more unrecognizable image.

This app requires an SD card be available. You will not be able to record or play if you do not have an SD card installed on your device.

– Record in quiet surroundings for best results.
– Requires some voice acting skills – see Menu – Links section within the app for Darth Vader impression videos made by Star Wars movie fans.

– Use Menu – Email Us option to e-mail us with audio issues.
– All phones should now work well at the default Buffer Size = 1x.
– Higher-end phones will work at all Sample Rate and Buffer Sizes.
– For skipping or missing audio – set Buffer Size higher than 1x or Auto-Set (as on Samsung Galaxy Note).
– LGE LG-E400f (thanks to Brandon Woodham) will not work at Buffer Size = 1x but will work at Auto-Set.
– For HTC One X has aggressive noise reduction (and lower volume) which blunts the sharpness of the audio – try Audio Source = Raw (instead of the default “Normal”).
– For Motorola Droid X2 (daytona), choose AudioSource = Raw to remove scratchy noise – and increase volume (Adjust – Volume Boost) (thanks to Adam Horton).
– Audio Sources = “Raw” has lower volume – try using with Volume Boost.
– Samsung Galaxy Ace/Y only work at Buffer Size = 1x (default). Y has good loud audio at 11025Hz/16000Hz, flaky at 44100Hz and won’t work at 22050Hz.

– Recording and playing done with thumbs in landscape mode (like a game console).
– a single tap on Record areas starts the recording which is time limited (for this reason the app is safe for use by kids as you cannot get unlimited sized recordings)
– a single tap on the Play area will playback the recording (after the voice changer has modified the recorded voice).
– tap on the Adjust area to adjust the voice changer for a deeper voice – within the Deeper Voice screen, tap on the Volume Boost to increase/decrease the recording volume, tap on Menu for sharing etc. options.
– tap on the Breathe (Darth Talk only – the Darth Vader of Star Wars fame version of the voice changer app) to see what your breathing should sound like if done correctly. For unrelated reasons, a Meow is also provided.
– the app is usable in speakerphone mode (because the volume is quite high and it will record even when you are far away from the phone – although background noise will start to dominate if you are very far away).
– Menu button also on-screen – saving files is fast 3-tap process.
– Tap on “?” to set Sample Rate, Buffer Size and Audio Source.

The app requires that OI File Manager – which is a free and open-source file manager app produced by – be available on your device. If it is not available, you will be sent to the Google Play Store to download it whenever you try to view your saved files (Menu – Folder).

– WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (saves audio to SD card)
– WRITE_SETTINGS (for “set as ringtone” feature)

– INTERNET (for ads)

– GET_ACCOUNTS/GET_TASKS/BILLING (for GetJar to recognize users and their coin balances)
– VIBRATE (required for vibrate on key press)

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Recent changes:
0.9.29: Fixed back key issue, volume keys, fewer full screen ads, intro screens
5-star reviews !!
Wow!! Mother of voice changers.. This app really is the real deal!
Ha ha Can’t stop telling myself that I am my father.
Loads of fun Me and my daughter love it
I think it’s like a mini helmet darth vader’s voice shifter
Well this application I will gladly recommend
Its pretty good Better than other apps i tried.
Darth Vader voice changer I think this makes sound like the real deal

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