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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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A simple and beautiful music player emphasizes minimal outlook and handy controls.
Please give me comments, thank you a lot XD. Please aware that this is NOT a whole ZUNE style app! But a style that I think is the best for an music player app. Please don’t compare it with a ZUNE HD or ZUNE PLAYER APPLICATIONS. Otherwise GTFO. If you request any feature, DON’T rate 1! Suggest in my blog. Please.

The bug that music plays suddenly after any song effect should be fixed. If it is still happening, turn “Dynamic Pause” off in setting. But it makes the music not stopping while phone calls too. I think the situation is different for different phones, I hope I could manage to make it works for all phones. Sorry if that bothered you.
Development Blog:
Official Website:
Pretty tab menu.
Music player basic functions.
No more mis-grouping albums and songs.
No more stretched images.
Contain functions like shuffle mode and repeat mode.
Player will pause when headphone is unplugged or when calling arrives.
Instant play: random song will be played when headset button is clicked and InstaMusic is not started.
Version 1.4.2:
– Fixed crashing bugs.
– Fixed now playing screen layout misplacement.
Version 1.4.1:
– Fixed crashing bugs.
– Enhanced app performance.
Version 1.4.0:
– Fixed compatibility to Android 2.1.
– Add media location support for CyanogenMod users.
– Added favorite list and able to add song to it i now playing screen.
– Greatly increased media loading speed.
– Download album art if there are not album art inside the music file.
– Able to use full screen view for library, now playing screen, and lock screen player.
– Fixed some sudden stops.
– Able to renew artworks everyday.
– Refined and categorized settings.
– Added song list view and lyrics view in now playing screen.
– Fixed layout errors.
– Support Android 4.0.4.
– Enhanced app performance.
– Rewritten some layout elements.
Version 1.3.5:
– Fixed crashes caused by invalid song name.
– Fixed the suddenly music playing. (If it is still happening, turn “Dynamic Pause” off in setting.)
– Fixed crashes caused by large image processing.
– Fixed crashes caused by loading genre list.
Version 1.3.4:
– Fixed the headset clicking miscount mechanism.
– Updated the initial text in the manual input for media location to be the current setting.
– Added messages in setting to promote crash reporting.
Version 1.3.3:
– Added setting to allow manual input for media location.
– Added mechanisms to pause songs or lower volume while other applications are using the audio channel.
– Same letter with upper and lower cases will no longer be separated.
– Fixed freezing bug which caused sudden crash over a long time idle.
– Fixed crashing bug caused by some songs’ title with characters that cannot be lower cased.
– Fixed unexpected song playing if player is uninitialized.
– Fixed Conflicts when headset clicking to answer calls while song playing.
Version 1.3.2:
– Adjusted layout at artist biography.
– Fixed bug to show album background.
Version 1.3.1:
– Adjusted paddings at menu bar and notification.
– Fixed and not to play paused song after calling.
– Fixed to use the default repeat mode while shuffling all.
– Fixed the non-updating play button in lock screen player.
– Fixed some random closure.

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  • cool l going to try it hoping its good
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