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Animate2D (Studio Edition)


Animate2D (Studio Edition)

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Version 1.6.2
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Updated December 31, 2012
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Animate2D (Studio Edition)

A 2D cutout animation tool for game developers and hobbyists alike. Explore and edit the internal content or import your own cutout png’s no larger than 90K in size by placing images in the /sdcard/Download folder.

Features include:
* Onion Skinning
* Graphing and Bezier Motion Smoothing Tools
* Pinch Zoom
* Angle transformations
* Anchor transformations
* Angle Pinning
* Position Pinning
* Rotate about node
* Rotate self
* Position self
* Rotate self and children
* Position self and children
* Flip X
* Flip Y
* Flip Distance Node Normal
* Z Order Switching
* Xray mode
* Frame Viewer for Navigation
* Propagate Delta Forward – to transform across frames
* Propagate Delta Backward – to transform across frames
* Undo Single Step
* Insert Frame Forward
* Insert Frame Backward
* Step Forward
* Step Backward
* Slow Down
* Speed/Up
* Play/Pause
* Cue to First Frame
* Cue to Last Frame
* Animation Collection Explorer – with copy/paste and trash can functionality
* Cutout Hierarchy Editor
* Copy Paste Delete range
* PNG Import from /sdcard/Download provided PNGs are 90K or less in size.

Checkout the blog at
This is where questions can be asked and documentation will be updated.

More features coming soon as some slated for this release did not make the cut (e.g movie generation).

For game makers export format is a text file with a set of sprite transformations per frame loaded from the texture pool. More information on the export format for game developers will be available on the blog. C++ APIs for in game use are available using WiEngine. More 2D engines will be supported in the future.


tags: animation animate 2D animating cutout game development wiengine creative creation

Bug fixes:
Storage location in c++
Pan tracking midpoint when zoomed
Smoothing tool control point tracking when zoomed
Selection wheel lines removed
Expanded Graph X-axis
Re-ranging of graph when a node undergoes transformation
Grid over/under draw when zoomed and panned
Hierarchy builder crash fixed

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