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Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide

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You can discover unique travel activities and tours guided in Kuala Lumpur by local Malaysian people to experience local culture.

Rather than relying on a guide book or an expensive, packaged tour, this app allows you to directly contact locals and sign up for interesting trips at a low price. It makes researching popular things to do in Malaysia much easier because it puts you in the capable hands of local guides. Whether you are a solo tourist or in a group of friends and family, tours are easy, cheap, and convenient.

This app, Meetrip, is a travel community marketplace where the locals offer a wide variety of authentic and area-specific sightseeing experiences for visitors to choose from. However, where sites such as TripAdvisor and WikiTravel only suggest popular tourist destinations, this app actually allows you to directly contact locals who will show you around the city and take you to both unknown wonders and the well-known tourist spots found on sites such as Lonely Planet for a low price.

Traveling has never been easier. This app, often called “The Airbnb of sightseeing,” takes the pressure away from browsing through a city guide, map, or tourist brochure to plan the perfect sightseeing trip. Each tour is personalize and unique; trips can be anywhere from a couple hours, to an entire day tour, depending on your budget and schedule. While browsing for flights and hotels on Expedia, Kayak, and, or Airbnb and CouchSurfing, you should use this app to find interesting local activities. Let locals give you a taste of the wonders of their hometown and culture, far beyond what you can find in an ordinary travel guide or vacation package, so that you get the real taste of Malaysia.

Special Features of Meetrip:

– Amazing deals of travel local activities and tours in Kuala Lumpur
– Ask a travel questions to local people
– Book directly from the app – before you travel or even while you’re traveling
– Fast, simple, and secure booking
– Convenient payment process with PayPal

Some of the most popular activities are the famous sightseeing spots in Malaysia. With this app, however, you get a real, authentic view with local people:

– Keep your wits about you in Batu Cave, a limestone cave 272 steps into the ground, found on the outskirts of the city.
– Get some great shopping at Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), an enormous yet fashionable shopping center.
– Swing by Chinatown to get a good deal on some delicious street food – a unique mix of Malay and Chinese.
– Spend a day at the Modernist National Mosque, a mosque that exhibits a collection of Islamic art, ranging from pottery to textiles to jewelry, both with a permanent exhibit and a travelling collection.
– Pick up some fun souvenirs at the Art Deco wet market, otherwise known as the Central Market, a venue packed with boutiques and artsy stalls.
-Stroll around MAP, the Kuala Lumpur arts district.
– Enjoy Saturday evening in Kampung Baru, enjoying traditional Malay treats.
– Book a guided tour through the Malaysia Heritage Walk, a cultural event only open to foreign tourists.
– Grab dinner at No Black Tie, a venue famous for its poetry, live jazz, piano, and Brazilian funk music.
– Savor delicious rice, dal, and curries wrapped inside traditional, fresh bamboo leaves.
– Get close and friendly with the birds at KL Bird Park, the world’s largest aviary. You can snap pictures at or chase around a variety of peacocks, owls, parakeets, ostriches, and flamingos without a cage restricting the animals.
– Shop among the stalls in Little India, getting a taste of authentic Indian food and culture.
– Walk around the Pentronas Twin Towers, two 88-story, stainless steel buildings that are the epitome of architectural beauty. If you have time, catch a Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra show in the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, in the basement of the towers.
– Stroll around and shop at Bukit Bintang (Star Hill).

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