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UpdatedOctober 25, 2012
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Start booking riders, Taxi drivers must first subscribe and create a profile. Ones taxi driver subscribe and creates a profile they will be able to login using the login and password the one created. When logged they will be provided with options to “Book A Rider” “Settings” “My Profile” and
“View Booked Rider”. To book a rider simply select “Book A Rider” option,ones entered a map of taxi drivers current location will appear with a map view radius set in the settings. Taxi riders who requested taxi service through this app will appear as pin point on the map. To book Taxi riders taxi drivers must select there preferred taxi rider by pressing on the pin point selection on the map. A screen will appear of taxi riders info from where taxi drivers can review and book by selecting “Book Now” option and input estimated time of arrival from which it will automatically notify the taxi rider with taxi drivers info and time for arrival. In “Setting” option a taxi driver can set the map.To book a cab simply select option “Book a Cab” from there the next screen will appear for rider to select “Start
Point”. By selecting “Start point” rider will have 2 options available to choose from are “Use Current location” which will provide your current location using location services or ” Enter Address Manually” from where rider wishes Taxi driver to picks them up. Next step is to select “Book A Cab” where riders will be required to provide working phone number so drivers can contact them. If wished you may also provide comments such as riders appearance description, also if riders traveling with a group. Etc.
to better communicate with drivers ahead.Ones done so Riders info will be sent to the server for drivers to book riders. Riders can also provide with ” End Point” address if wishes but not required.

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