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YP - Yellow Pages local search

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UpdatedFebruary 28, 2019
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Want to get things done quicker? YP, the new Yellow Pages, is here to help. Search and connect with over 18 million business listings across the U.S. using the newly redesigned YP℠ app. Save and organize all your go-to businesses in My Book. Bookmark all your go-to businesses – your doctor, mechanic, favorite restaurants and more – in one tidy place with My Book and you’ll be able to access them wherever you are, at home or on-the-go.
Looking for a great plumber in your area? We’re flush with those. The nearest ATM? Cha-ching. Cheap gas prices near you? Get pumped – it’s all here. Search all the categories that matter most including hotels, banks, lawyers, spas, beauty salons, shopping destinations and so much more.
Looking for even quicker access to local businesses? Add the YP widget!
Whether you are searching for pizza or movie tickets, this is your go-to app for everything you need to know about a business, including:
• Phone numbers
• Maps and directions
• Ratings and reviews
• Descriptive photos
• Restaurant menus (where applicable)
• Coupons to help you save money!*
Welcome to quicker. Welcome to easier. Welcome to smarter.
Welcome to YP. The new way to do.℠
*Some restrictions may apply. Please call first to confirm the business will accept this coupon. Not all businesses accept mobile coupons.

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