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Be-Bound:  Stay Connected


Be-Bound: Stay Connected

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Be-Bound is a very simple idea: Connect everyone to the mobile internet, everywhere. NOW.

Download now!
This is an ideal application for those that want data access in dead zones and hate spending big bucks on
roaming charges while abroad.

“As well as being cheaper the app also dramatically increases internet coverage abroad too.” (Huffington Post)

“Be-Bound can be useful when you have an internet connection, too.” (Quartz)

“With Be-Bound, you barely need a data connection at all to still access things online that are now like second nature to us.” (Android Headlines)

“While it might sound like magic, it is in fact a bit more simple than that.” (The Next Web)
Be-Bound is the ultimate way to ensure that you get your data when you need it – without costing you a
fortune on data and roaming charges.
Get your data in data dead zones!
Stop paying international data roaming charges!
Great for traveling!
Great app to have on your handset in case of emergency!
It’s easy to:
– Add your Email and Twitter accounts
– Get your News, Weather, Sports
– Find local points of interest
– And access most of your favorite apps: real-time stock exchange, currency converter, translator, flight
tracker, GPS navigation…all built in.
Using our proprietary compression technology, Be-Bound allows you to
get your data while only paying text message charges (in many cases free) and inexpensive Be-Miles. We
are offering you free Be-Miles to get you started.

As long as you can still give a call or send a text message, Be-Bound will switch to its proprietary data
mode to send requests to our servers to get the information you need. Each request will cost you
standard text message rates and Be-Miles (prepaid credits), which are inexpensive and controllable.
Using Be-Bound in your data plan on 3G or Wi-Fi is free. Using Be-Bound on 2G networks internationally
could generate international SMS costs. Check your plan for SMS and International SMS costs.
Purchasing Be-Miles will give you access to multiple Be-Bound services. The number of Be-Miles charged
depends on the service. For example, consulting the weather or stock service will cost 1 Be-Mile but
reading an email may cost several Be-Miles, depending on its size. Be-Bound is compatible with most
Android handsets.
Please verify you have sufficient and available Be-Miles Credit on your account before using Be-Bound.
Please see our website: for more info and our terms and conditions at: or contact us at: contact@be-

Be-Bound Contributes to Help the Philippines

At Be-Bound we pride ourselves with helping people connect with each other, but we also know that
our technology can help others in real need, like those in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan caused so
much destruction in that region.

That is why we want to offer FREE Be-Bound miles to anyone that is currently in the Philippines.

Furthermore, we will contribute ALL Be-Bound gross profits until the end of the year to the United Way
Worldwide Disaster Rebuilding Fund. (

Because our technology works on any mobile infrastructure, including low bandwidth networks like 2Gs, we believe that will help people to communicate better and less expensively. We will start with offering 50 Be-Miles and renew whenever needed.

The good news is that you can help too! Anyone with an Android smartphone can contribute by using
the Be-Bound app as all profits will go towards this noble cause until the end of the year.
Thank you.

Albert Szulman, CEO of Be-Bound

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