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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Get rewards for not texting while driving! Drive Alive is an app that monitors your application usage while it is running to give you credit for being a safe driver. This is the Lite version of Drive Alive and contains advertisements that appear after a trip has been completed.

1. Before driving, open Drive Alive and log in.
2. To make sure you receive credit for all your time spent driving, wait for the app to get a GPS connection.
3. Drive!
4. After coming to a complete stop, press the End Trip button.
After that, the application will verify that you are stopped and send the trip data.

• If you receive credit for a trip you will become eligible for rewards. (Cash, discounts, and more!)
• Receive some rewards instantly! No building up points! Just one trip could mean money in your PayPal account.
• Easy to use: Simply run the app, drive safely, press End Trip, and profit!
• Drive Alive will NEVER block you from using any of your phone's features.

The following will cause loss of trip credit:
• Driving while the application is ending.
• Answering the phone.
• Opening other applications. (This includes texting!)
• Pressing the 'Home' button while the GPS is connecting or after a trip has started.
• Locking the screen.
• Pressing the 'Home' button or locking the screen after pressing 'Stop Trip' but before letting the app finish sending trip data.
• NOTE: It's possible that some alarms/pop-up notifications will cause a loss of trip credit. You may want to disable these prior to starting a trip if you have trouble.

The following will NOT cause loss of trip credit:
• Receiving a call/text, but not responding.
• Letting the phone screen turn off by going idle. (The screen will not lock automatically while a trip is active.)
• Touching the screen without closing the app or opening a new one.
Remember, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
For more information, visit
Please feel free to email with any questions, suggestions, or requests you may have.
If you have any problems while running the app, please send an email to
Drive Alive — It's your call. Don't answer it.

If you downloaded this update, you will temporarily be unable to add new trips to your old account. This is because our account system has changed.
You have two options:
1. Create a new account through the built-in Create Account page to use immediately.
2. Email with subject line containing 'Update Old Drive Alive Account' and we'll help you out. Make sure you're emailing from the Contact Email you signed up with.
We're also working on a way to get our previous-version users access to the ad-free version of the app. We haven't forgotten about you. Hang in there.

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