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Mumbai Auto Taxi Meter & Card


Mumbai Auto Taxi Meter & Card

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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With ** New Fares updated 11-Oct-2012 *** . All cards for all different combinations, calibrated, uncalibrated, starting at 12 or 15 for Auto, 17 or 19 for Taxi.
This is not only a simple card, it also has a GPS based meter which shows you how much your fare should be.
Rated better than all the apps on the market including m-indicator, see user comments.
Also allows you to store the auto/taxi no., fare charged, etc. for each complaints to RTO.
The meter still starts at 1.6 km and not 1.5 km as per newspaper articles and moves by 200 m for every 10 paise, not 100 m. Our card is correct and is as per the RTO official card.
To use the 1.5 km start and 100 km move, the auto/taxi meters have to be recaliberated.
Download SmartShehar Mumbai to get our bus and train apps with the auto app.
Fed up of tampered auto meters and arguments with your auto or taxi driver?
Counter this menace with Mumbai Auto Tax Meter & Card app.
You start your gps, jump into an auto and hit the Start Trip button. Now watch the auto meter and the meter on your phone, start ticking. (Please allow for waiting time and GPS problems with certain phone models)
Make sure you have a GPS location lock and the gps indicator stops flashing.
You can also download any GPS app to check for fix or use Google maps.
The app measures the exact distance of travel based on GPS and shows you what the meter should show and the corresponding fare. This is your foil against tampered meters. In fact we have some users who have refused to pay the auto meter fare and paid fare based on this app and the auto guys have meekly accepted it after being show the app meter.

It also provides you with a simple table to convert the meter to the fare.

These kind of tools increase the transparency of public services.

Apart from this, we would use the funds to increase the kinds of smart phones supported by the app.
We would also create a public awareness campaign and provide free training sessions for users to move them to smart phones.

Auto Taxi Meter & Fare Card by Smart Shehar the autotaxi app from the people that got you BestBus 2 Route Finder and Mumbai Local Trains.( / Chetan Temkar)
FREE, No smses, No registration.
Works without GPRS / Internet, though if you keep your internet on, it will give you better results.
Works for Mumbai (Bombay), Navi Mumbai, Thane.

Recent changes:
Latest tariff card for 11-Oct-2012
Added all RTO cards as per our calculations. Since all official cards are not around we have tried to make it as accurate as possible to help sort out the confusion.
Fixed meter stops problem.
Meter is beta in intermediate state and still not tested for the latest card
This release is mainly for allowing people to use the latest fares
Small bug fixes

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