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Get Off Minibus!

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A minibus (public light bus) is a popular public transport mode in Hong Kong. Both green and red minibuses in the city are efficient means of transport and act as an important supplement to other public road passenger transport. However, it is not easy for foreigners, mute people and even people who are suffering from a severe sore throat to request to get off from the vehicle on the next stop – since calling out the place you wish to alight is a common practice in Hong Kong to notify the driver to stop the minibus.

From now on, you do not need to worry about this anymore. With “Get Off Minibus!”, you can call out your request to alight with simply a tap on your smartphone or tablet – this app is loaded with various Cantonese recordings that assist you to request to get off at different locations. Get this app today and enjoy travelling by minibus!

Special thanks to HKGolden member 虎 and 如夢幻泡影 for providing audio files.

小巴(公共小型巴士)是一種在香港既常見又方便的公共交通公具,為乘客提供短程接駁及長途運輸服務。然而,小巴獨特的運作模式 ─ 乘客需在下車前高聲呼叫下車地點以通知司機停車,卻往往令不諳廣東話的外籍人士、聾啞人士,以至感冒「失聲」的乘客感到不便。「司機有落!」應用程式中內置多段廣東話錄音,只要你在智能手機或平板電腦上簡單一按,即可播出要求在不同地點下車的錄音,幫助你向司機高呼「有落」,讓你無懼乘搭小巴,輕鬆通行全港。


About DynAPPmics

DynAPPmics is a Hong Kong-based mobile application development group founded in 2012. We aim at offering users apps with innovative ideas and fresh user experience.

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Recent changes:
Cantonese real voice pronunciation recordings of both male and female voices are available. (Credit to HKGolden member 虎 and 如夢幻泡影)

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