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Yandda! Lite


Yandda! Lite

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Version 2.0
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Updated December 30, 2012
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If you’ve ever wished that people know that you had visited a particular place in the past or that you were simply there before them, then Yandda! is just the app for that!

Yandda! lets you engrave a signature and tie it to a location (buildings, parks, landmarks etc) for future visitors to discover. It lets other users of Yandda! know that you were once at a particular location. Its similar to how people engrave their initials on walls just so that others can see them. You can engrave and share signatures publicly, with a certain clique of friends or even privately (just visible to you only and no one else). This lite version of Yandda! allows to engrave a total of 5 signatures only. Please try out the paid version and have unlimited no of signatures. The token fee is channeled towards covering hosting costs.

The Cliques feature of Yandda! lets you group your friends so you can choose which clique of friends to share your signatures with when you engrave them. Depending on your activity on Yandda! you can earn trophies that give you special capabilities. Currently there are 3 trophies that can be earned (more trophies shall be added in the future).

You can also choose what your profile visitors get to see with regards to your public signatures, friends and trophies.

This version doesn’t let you create and play signature games. You can do that in the full version.

Please send feature requests and suggestions to Yandda! is in its infancy and new features shall be constantly added so please be a part of it!

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