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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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ShotChart is a golfer support application which stores a ball position and your score. The application gives you help to manage your scores and make a discussion about golf.

Main Feature:
・Intuitive touch screen map controls
・Display distance to target
・Track round scores on the map
・Able to use the app on any course around the world
・Simulate a round on your dream course
・Reuse the course information you input

Paid features:
Now special price!!
ShotChart KMZ Creator
ShotChart KMZ Creator is a plug-in that outputs the ball position recorded with ShotChart to the KMZ files.
The round result is reproduced in GoogleEarth(TM) of PC.
Please send in your PC with e-mail.
・”Past round”-Select the Round-“Menu”-“Create KMZ”
・The round is reproduced on a large screen of PC.
・The shots can reproduce at the tour.
・You can switch draw and fade.
・You can switch handedness.
・The score can output to CSV.
・Be able to save space on the terminal by removing the results of the old round.
 Delete:”Past Round”-Long tap the Round-“Delete”

Usage Notes:
Notes for “ShortChart”
● The Software works with GoogleMap(TM) and you cannot use the Software in a place with weak signal.
● It can be hard to use the Software when the GoogleMap(TM) images are blurry or outdated.
● GoogleMap(TM) makes a margin of error between Map and Photo. Please use the Software with either Map or Photo but not both.

Notes for “KMZ Creator”
● Please prepare a SD card.
Standard 100shots: About 200KB.
●When you uninstall the ShotChart, will expire.
●The advertisement of ShotChart doesn’t delete.

Notes for Playing Golf
● Do not use the Software during tournament. Using the Software can be a breach of a rule.
● You should obtain consent from other players if you use the Software in competition.
● Please use the Software in accordance with rules and etiquettes proposed by the golf course and avoid slow play.
● Please set the Software to silent mode in play. Then, it makes no sound or sound effects.


Android :ver. 1.6

GoogleEarth(TM):Windows(TM)版 ver. 6.1.0

Using function:
   data communication
   GPS communication

※GooleMap(TM), Google(TM), and Google(TM) logo are trademarks of Google, Inc.
※GoogleEarth(TM) and the GoogleEarth(TM) logo are registered trademarks of the Google Inc..
※Windows(TM) is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries of United States Microsoft Corporation.

Provided by:Computer System Navigator CO.,Ltd.

Add KMZ Creator(Paid features).
Pinch to zoom in-out.

Bug fixes.

Added a menu.
Added the over-par.
Added score format.
Added the accident to the score.
Added flick operation to the score.
Added flick operation to the history of a hole.
Added a position changes of the button.
Bug fixes.

Add new mode for always navigating with GPS.
Bug fixes.

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