Free Boxing Techniques


Free Boxing Techniques

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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If you what to beat others down with your fist, you need special beating skill or you may be hit by others.
The boxing will help you much, if you have ever practice boxing, win others will become easily.
Here is a Boxing Techniques app. It can expose all great skills of boxing for you.
If you know them well, even a common one who do not play boxing before can beat others with fist. And for boxing player can improve their skill.

@Six basic posture:
Right hander, peek-a-boo, couch, jeflries crouch and others. It tell you how can add power of posture easily.
@Basic Fist Position:
How to keep boxing and more techniques about zhiquan.
Attack on the opponent’s powerful boxing swing in form the side.
Hook note and playing skill.
Uppercut, speed fist and vibration boxing skills.
@Basic Footwork:
Only have a stable footwork, you can have the possibility of win.
Five footwork is introduced here.
You can know how to glissade, sprint step, slide step, surround step and withdrawing step and make maximum effectiveness of these motion.

@ Improve boxing skills.
@ Back to home page from searching page.
@ Get introduction about this app.
@ Tutorial about how to use this app when open it first time.
@ All foot and posture techniques offered for free.
@ Make you more powerful than before.

This software is a boxing guide software. You can use it to guide practice boxing moves. There are variety of resources for the user choice!
Have Free Boxing Techniques means have a teacher for free. You need not cost money to take part in boxing classes or have boxing lessons at all! All techniques can be get free!
To have cents to drink coffee, notification and image ads put in.
If you like the free boxing app, please give me a rating—five stars of make comments for this free app.

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