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Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List

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UpdatedNovember 19, 2014
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Millions of shoppers around the world agree that with the Buy Me a Pie! shopping list app they spend less time shopping, save money and the aggravation associated with forgetting grocery items.
After winning the hearts of more than 3 million users, the app is finally available on Android!
First reviews:
“It has a really killer UI and feature set.” PC Magazine
“There are simple apps that let you just make a list, but Buy Me a Pie is tailor-made for the experience and it’s a nice looking app, too.”
“Buy Me a Pie is a new shopping list management app with solid features and clear design.”
Forget paper shopping lists and overcomplicated applications.
Buy Me a Pie! has only what you really need:
* Simplicity: Our app is used by both children and seniors We constantly work hard to make every part of the app as simple to use as possible
* Smart grouping: Simply assign a color to the items belonging to the same group (eg store aisle) and the app will then group the items in the list automatically
* Built-in self-learning dictionary: Entered items are automatically stored in the dictionary for future fast entry through word prompter
* Word prompter: The app will automatically suggest a word upon entering a few letters so you can quickly add items to a list
Advantages of PRO version:
* Fully compatible with the iOS version and lets you make shopping lists and share them with your family, friends, and colleagues on Android and iOS devices, as well as on the site
* Multiple shopping lists.
* Sharing shopping lists via e-mail, SMS, and other apps, duplicating the lists.
Download this app for free to improve your shopping experience, save time and money.

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