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iSee Kush – the social network – devoted to Medical Marijuana. We felt as if Medical Marijuana patients had no place to talk about their experiences, questions and more – so we created a social network – free and open to everyone.
Medical and even recreational marijuana has started to see an increase of legalization around the United States and world. Unfortunately many people still look down upon the use of marijuana and because of this sharing picture apps like Instagram and twitter have filtered out marijuana search terms. So where do stoners turn to get a look at different 420 photos? Up until now it has been limited but iSee Kush looks to change that. This 420 Photo sharing network will make it easier than ever to share your cannabis pictures.
Medical Marijuana or even new kush users really do not know where to start, up until now many have considered weed just weed. That is a problem because there are so many different varieties, flavors, and potencies out there. Rather than going to a dispensary and getting some bunk or garbage weed why not get knowledge about the good and bad stuff. With iSee Kush these new users can look first hand at what other people are using to relax/feel better and thus can get a sense of what to get. With a comment and like feature built right in a user is free to ask other stoner questions or just comment about how nice a marijuana picture looks!
If you would like to share your beautiful 420 pictures on other forms of social network you are able to do so. With iSee Kush you can take any marijuana pictures you have and put it into a photo library that will be uploaded straight from the Android app. This process is very straight forward and can be done with a few taps on the screen. Now even your friends who may not have the iSee Kush app can see all your beautiful pictures of your marijuana and the dispensaries you have visited.
The stoner community can at times be pushed off as outcasts from the general population but the fact is marijuana is getting more and more popular and legal at the same time. Rather than be ashamed about being a 420 friendly individual get the android app, iSee Kush. With a community of active stoners sharing pictures of marijuana you will feel right at home. Commenting, liking, and even sharing pictures of marijuana has never become easier!
Join the network – build the community – with iSee Kush.
*** Don’t see your, Dispensary, CO-OP, Collective, Center, Coffee Shop, Delivery Service, Head Shop and/or Smoke Shop? Encourage them to become Members of to List their information!
**Although every effort possible has been made to verify Establishments information (i.e. Name, Address, Phone Number) it has become almost impossible to do so with Local Government changes occurring frequently and rapidly. If you find an entity no longer exists, or, you find a new entity not listed…PLEASE let us know as our mission is to have the most current up to date information available!

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