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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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This application is a specific browser for Cure, Cosplayers Community Site.

You can browse your favorite cosplayers list you add to in the site of Cure, and these albums and photos too easy.


To access Internet, it is necessary to contract of packet transmission, to set Wi-Fi account and so on.

Let the application logged in Cure, you need the cure id and password registered.

note: Because login communication is encrypted, there is no risk for leaking your id and password.


-Favorite list

You can browse your favorite cosplayers list you add to at the site of Cure.


You can find members by Cure No, who have not been added to your favorite list yet.

You can check their albums quickly referring to their calling cards you got at after event.

-Album list

You can browse album lists cosplayers published.

If you have been approved, you can browse fanclub albums and cosplayer’s limited albums.

-Photo list and Photo

You can scroll a photo list at high-speed even if it has a hundreds of photos, and chose, display quickly.

you can zoom in or out images by multi-touch, and move by drag.

By double tap, you can toggle image size fit display or original.

On an equipment with an accelerometer, let a photo list scrolling and a photo in a list selected by inclining a equipment.(see the last screen shot)\n

-Comment view

You can watch informations by the method likes smile video,
the character name, the title name, cosplayer’s comments, updated and so on.

*Photo saving

By long-tap, You can save the photo you have selected and displayed into SD card.

But considering the purpose of the community and load reduction of the site server,
you should keep on pushing for 20sec long to save.

When you use slide show, if photos are changed while you are pushing, the photo displayed before will be save.

note: Cosplay photos are protected by a right of likeness and copyright. You can never reprinting without permissions.

-Slide show

You can watch slide show of photos in the album you selected.


Permissions required are
-information of network availability
-internet connection
-coarese location(for adds localization)
-external storege access


Now, devices using for testing are
-LYNX 3D(Android2.1 update1)

Please notice the risk this application will not work well with the other equipment.

If you can use with others, I hope your reports about it.


This is not an official application but developed personally.

So the responsibility for the specification and bugs of this application belong to Retainer as a developer.

But, please understand I can not compensate for any damages or losses occurred by your using this application.

This application is an browser software simply located in front-end for users,
and dose not infringe any rights for cure.

Though it has same specifications, there is a donation edition CureView Plus(without adds) with charge.
Please support for development.

*Commercial without permission

Cosplayers Community Site Cure

*Design and Development

Recent changes:
*Jan 23, 2013 Ver2.4.019
Following changing layout of original site.

*Jan 22, 2011 Ver2.3.019
Following changing layout of original site.
Enable browsing over 11th album.

*June 26, 2011 Ver2.2.019
Modify label in configuration page, wrong:Cure No -> right:Cure ID

*May 31, 2011 Ver2.1.018
Bug fix, when an item is double-taped in favorite list page, a album list became wrong.
Bug fix, when an item is double-taped in album list page, a photo list became wrong.

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