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UpdatedOctober 1, 2013
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Take 3D photos and show your friends that the camera of your phone can see behind objects in a picture!
If you own Anaglyph (Red-blue, red-cyan, …) glasses, you get a better depth effect.
You can:

– Take and view 3D photos.
– The pictures can be viewed in several modes:
– anaglyph view with selectable glasses colors
– wiggle mode
– manual movement with accelerometer or swiping left/right

– Take 3 up to 15 photos to get not only stereo view, but a 3D photo with movement from side to side…
finally you can see behind some objects in an image!

– Not only look at stereo or wiggle images, but move from side to side or around an object in the picture
– Use the wiggle mode to create little (max. 15 frames) stop motion movies (happens automatically when trying to take a 3D photo of a toddler 😉 )
– Upload pictures to Facebook, send by email, …
– Look at the icon of this app on your home screen with anaglyph glasses, a part of the icon of this app is floating above your home screen

You can't:

– create stop motion movies longer than 15 images
or series of images that don't run forward and backwards continuously (=wiggle)

– create and export 3D models from stereo images

The free version is limited to taking max. 50 pictures and shows some ads.
The full version has no ads and can save an unlimited number of pictures and in a higher resolution.

Buy the full version if you like this app (and if you want to save more than 50 images ;-))
Also try the great tool “Easy Voice Calculator FREE”… a speech recognition and voice output calculator! No more typing for little calculations!
If you only want to capture wiggle images and don‘t need the mode for red cyan glasses, download the app “Easy Wiggle Image Creator“
Try my app “Facts about me (Free)“ for some funny facts about yourself 😉 sense of humor not included.

How to use this app:
– Tap the green button to take a new picture or tap a thumbnail to view the picture
– In the live view choose a point to look at and aim at this point with the crosshair.
Take 2-15 photos from left to right aiming at this point or at least at the same height
– The distance between 2 photos should be eye distance or smaller (depending on the distance to the object)
– press “back” to get to the home screen and view the new photo
– tap anywhere in the viewer to get to the preferences menu
– swipe left/right or tilt the device (depending on setting) to move left/right in the image
– a photo can be deleted permanently in the preferences menu

Please send a mail for feedback, bug reporting or feature requests.

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