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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Safe Photo
The best app to protect your personal photos

Safe Photo allows you to hide your personal photos intuitively and simply. No longer fear that someone might see your photos saved on your smartphone or tablet with Safe Photo will be safe from prying eyes.
Protect the photos already on your phone or take a new one directly from Safe Photo, in both cases, no one can see them.
Thanks to a virtual lock, only you can access the program and your photos will be safe.
Also protected pictures from Safe Photo will not be visible to others either by connecting the phone to a computer.
Photo Safe also allows you to organize your photos in galleries, so you can better organize your photos. The protection of Safe Photo is incredible. What are you waiting to try this app? Safe Photo is the app for you.
1) Protect the photos in your mobile phone
2) Take new photo directly from Safe Photo, they will automatically be protected
3) Import photos from the public gallery
4) See the public gallery directly from the app
5) Organize your photos in galleries
6) Share your photos with whoever you want and how you want
7) Safe Photo can run on an external memory card so as not to consume the internal memory of your mobile phone
8) With Safe Photo your photos are invisibility also attacking the phone to a PC
9) You can delete one or all images in one click
10) Compatible with smartphones and tablets
11) And it’s free

Activating the full version of the app and sending us an email at , you get a free code to get free Safe SMS, the SMS app to hide your personal information.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large number of different Android phones, we cannot guarantee that the app works on every phone. Do tests on some test photo before you start using the app extensively.
WARNING: If you delete the application data (eg by pressing “Clear Data” from Manage Applications), you will LOSE ALL of the photos stored in Safe Photo, so don’t do it unless you really know what you're doing. You have been warned!
The High Touch does not assume any responsibility in case of cancellation or damage of any photos saved on your phone.

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