#Square — No crop 4 Instagram


#Square — No crop 4 Instagram

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#Square is simple photo editor for Instagram, like Photo Squarer or SquareIt, that helps you to avoid photos crop by making your photos square sized, adding borders of any size and color, rotating your photo. After you’ve finishing with photo editing #Square will let you post your photo to Instagram without crop, or share it via Twitter, Facebook, client, Email app, Bluetooth etc, also without cropping photo. Yeah, it is true, no crop for Instagram!

How many times you’ve share photo to Instagram and become sad because it was cropped on sides? I bet it happens all the time. With this app you can avoid cropped pictures. Keep all details of your photos! Add borders to photos simply with #Square for Instagram.

Do you hear about apps like InstaFitIt, or SquareIt, or InstaFit, or Insta Square Maker, or Instasize, or InstaSquare, or Photo Squarer, or Crop ‘n Square?
This app do the same but it doesn’t mess your photos quality. You can choose format of saved photo PNG/JPG and compression quality for JPG. SquareIt or Instasize can’t do that! It also makes resolution of your photo as big as your device can handle. Other apps like InstaSquare or InstaFitIt just messing up resolution of your photos.

App has pure Holo Light theme that looks polish and crisp.

So, this apps let you to square pictures, by adding square frames to it.

Key Features:
– You can pick photo from gallery, like Insta Square Maker do.
– You can take a shot exactly from App to make photo square, like it is done by Photo Squarer
– You can share pictures from Gallery App directly to #Square – Instagram Photo Editor
– Tune borders size and color, that were added to make photo square sized
– Choose your colors with Holo Color Picker, that is only in #Square app, not in InstaFitIt or in SquareIt!
– Sharing created square photo directly to Instagram from app
– Sharing to any app like Twitter, Facebook, client, Email app, Bluetooth etc.
– Stylish Holo Light Theme. Photo Squarer and SquareIt uses Dark Holo, but #Sqaure is bright and lets you to upload photos to Instagram without crop!
– Guarantied Nexus support. Looks and performs the best on Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.

Enjoy new, no crop Instagram experience with #Square!

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