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Guerrilla Scouting 2012


Guerrilla Scouting 2012

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Good Luck to all FIRST/FRC teams from Team 469 Las Guerillas!!

This app was created to make FIRST FRC scouting more convenient for the 2012 season. Team members track a robot during matches using their Android phone. At the end of the match they click the “Send” button to e-mail it to the person compiling the data. The data is embedded within XML style tags in the text of the e-mail. These can be parsed or copied into whatever you created to store your scouting data. (I created an Access DB for ours. I copy and paste the e-mail text into a text box and click a button to parse.) Since it’s e-mail you can pick it up at your convenience from nearly any computer.

Easy to use – just tap the appropriate button each time a robot does something
Intuitive – autonomous, tele-op, and post game information are placed in groups for ease of use
Cool – lets be honest, would you rather have a pencil and a clip board or play with your smart phone instead?? This is a robotics competition after all.
Time saving – does anyone really enjoy copying all those scouting sheets into a spreadsheet???
Its free – That’s the spirit of FIRST
It requires NO permissions – You don’t have to give it access to anything. E-mail is sent from your regular e-mail program so you get to see EXACTLY what is being sent before it goes. It can’t send anything that you don’t want it to.
It has NO adds
It remembers the last e-mail address it sent to – saves retyping.

This program is strictly experimental – No warranties or guarantees of any kind
You need somewhere to put the data you e-mail. I plan to put ours in a simple Access DB I created. This app does not store it.
This is my first Java app so if you think you could have done it better – you are probably right!

Good Luck and I hope we will see you in St Louis!!!

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