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Do you love to watch movies through your mobile phone? Yes, using mobile phone to
enjoy movies is a exciting thing. However, you have to download movies from the
internet, and then you transmit them to your mobile phone. It is too trouble.
Don’t you think so? What a good thing if you can watch the movie on the
internet by your mobile phone? Now, your dream can be realized.
Viewer is the player which can let you enjoy movies from internet directly. It
is a free player; in the mean time, it is a file manager. You can use it to
manage your different files in your mobile phone. Want to know more about this
mysterious player? Its key features as follows:
1. At
first, let us talk about its function of playing. When you open this player,
all the movies in your mobile phone are listed to you. Maybe some videos can’t
be found automatically, you can find it by yourself.
2. You
just click one movie, the movie will be played automatically. This player’s
operation is very simple. If you touch the screen, you a time line appears. You
can touch the “play/pause” button to pause the movie or continue.
Touching the left side up and down of the screen, you can adjust the
brightness; touching the right side up and down of the right side, you can
adjust the volume.
3. This
app have a function that allow you to get video from web directly.
4. The
background of this player is deep blue, this is different. A blue one is better
than a black one.
5. There
is a “review” function of this player. If you feel one movie very good,
you can add it into review list. Then you can find it in the review list
6. Now,
let us talk about the function of management. If you touch the “file”
button, there are several buttons appearing in the bottom of the new page. They
are “Back” “Up” “SDcard” “Media”
“Menu”. If you touch “menu”, a file manger appears. You can
manage your files.
7. Using
this player, you can share your videos with your friends by bluetooth, gmail
and messaging.
player is small and simple, but it is rather functional. If you want to have a
good video player, it is your best choice.

Do you
know lateral file?
files are generally 20 inches deep and manufactured in 30-, 36-, and 42-inch
widths and 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-drawer versions. The 30-inch-wide (about 760 mm),
two-drawer version is very popular for use inside cubicle workstations, as it is
engineered to fit under and alongside the cubicle work surfaces. Logic for the
use of 3-, 4-, and 5-drawer files is rather similar to that of vertical files.
Unlike vertical files, the majority of lateral files allow for side-to-side or
front-to-back filing.

of letter-size files arranged front-to-back, the 30- and 42-inch-wide files are
the most effective, as the maximum amount of filing per cabinet is enabled. A
36-inch-wide file, with letter-width filing front-to-back has no more capacity
than a corresponding 30-inch-wide file, for the additional space would be

users like side-to-side filing, as they can search index tabs from a seated
position. All-width lateral files could accommodate this configuration, even though
the capacity of the file is somewhat diminished.

advantage for lateral files is that access and view of all files can be much easier
than with a vertical file because the drawers do not extend as far.

In most cases,
the top “5th drawer” of a five-drawer lateral file is a flipper door
with pull-out shelf, as most people will not be able to access the top of a
drawer at this height.
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