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SDCard Booster (root)


SDCard Booster (root)

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PublisherGejos Enterprise
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UpdatedOctober 12, 2014
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You will not find any diferrent read score in sdcard speed test as other sdcardbooster applications do, but you will find faster loading applications, thumbnail photos, movie, and stable.

THIS APPLICATION IS FOR ROOTED DEVICE ONLY. Find out what a ROOTED device is, see at the bottom of this description.

If your device is UNROOT, please do not review with negative comment. This application cannot run on unroot devices. It won’t work on unroot device. Thank you for your fairness and kindness.

SDCard Booster needs root permissions. You need to allow the SuperUser privileges to run this application. Without the SuperUser privileges, this application cannot change SDCard configuration in system ROM. SDCard Booster (root) is not a placebo, nor a prank, nor a fake application.

DISCLAIMER: It is made available for use at your own risk with no warranty of any kind. The default of this application is not active and by activate this application, means that you have agreed with the contents of the disclaimer.

Unlike other simillar sd-booster applications, this application will not change the read_ahead_kb value (will keep the default 128kb). This SDCard Booster will change the system ROM configuration for optimize the SDCard with diferrent method.

Usually, other sd-booster applications will change read_ahead_kb value around 1024kb to 3072 kb (default is 128kb), and yes by changing read_ahead_kb to 1024kb – 3072kb will shown faster sdcard read result when check with sdcard speed test. Actually, change this value will make slower speed when loading applications, thumbnail photos, movie, etc. than using the default 128kb, believe me. 🙂

“Benchmarks are used almost everywhere as a standard by which something can be measured or judged by. But when does it really matter and should you even care?”

[ for me, the “real benchmark” is what you feel and what you get, while you use your device (in the same device of course). —first of words “for me” mean personal opinion and may be different with you and others. ]

If you love this application, please consider the donate version. Please search: Gejos Enterprise to find the donate version. Your donation will help to support my work. Thank you very much.

This application is FREE and will always be FREE (works fine without donate version installed).

SDCard Booster 100% ads free. Please rate and review wisely, and please read this description first before rate and review. Thank you.

If you don’t know what a ROOTED device is, you can find a pretty good explanation here: []

Use back button to save and execute new setting (not the home button).

All my apps have “unique” method to unload and reload service. It will automatic kill itself to save RAM and will reactive the service when need it. Don’t worry, this app still active even you cannot find it in the system as running.

This application is not a placebo, nor a prank, nor a fake.

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