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V3 Mobile Plus 2.0

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UpdatedOctober 8, 2014
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This is the end of the run / `linked together for the banking, securities and shopping for electronic financial accidents caused by malicious programs running on your smartphone App here safe environment security program in accordance with the Financial Supervisory access instructions: 1) the application .
Applications that run in conjunction, 2) Bank, Securities and Shopping Network and at the associated applications are not stand-alone separate online mode V3 Mobile Plus 2.0. (Even if the installation is not a stand-alone program come running icon on the home screen is not .)
3) You can check the list provided in the “Preferences> Application” Application V3 Mobile Plus 2.0 installed or not.

The V3 Mobile Plus 2.0 is a virus that threatens your smartphone, worms, Trojan horses, and to protect your device from malware and other Android platform dedicated mobile security applications.
When trading with 1) a mobile security:
When the bank to transfer your personal information, account information, etc. on your smartphone, securities trading and shopping to protect your information by blocking harmful applications using malicious code targeting the information and network.
2) Real-time Scan:
The diagnosis of a variety of malicious code to attack the Android platform through the inspection process.
3) Malware Detection:
If you suspect the file is detected as malicious code can be deleted immediately after confirmation.

If you use your smartphone while you are installing and running multiple apps may malfunction depending on the terminal environment.
– Quit the app works, but if you do not shut V3 Mobile Plus is normal, ‘Settings’> Manage applications> are you’ stop (or quit) “to select the AhnLab V3 Mobile Plus 2.0 app running on the smartphone.
I hope you have a case to occur after updating the engine failure, “Preferences”> App ‘Clear Data’ smartphone management> storage space for AhnLab V3 Mobile Plus 2.0 app Resume App hasyeotdeon try to run.
– Does not support the latest version of the patch update those without going through Google Play Google Play you install APK files through V3 Mobile Plus is separate.
– Those installed in the carrier market kkeseoneun you can update via the carrier market.
– Users who have installed kkeseoneun way of a USB connection and a separate non-formal market is normally available via Google Play after you reinstall your delete V3 Mobile Plus.
It is difficult to give an answer is to leave ※ applications ‘user reviews’ Post has. Please send our Customer Service team ( used for V3 Mobile Plus 2.0, contact me if you are experiencing persistent error, phone model / OS version / more symptoms, and more.

Proudly V3 Mobile 2.0 received certification of mobile antivirus detection rate over the world in the world’s first security product testing organization AV-TEST ( Smart Engine Antivirus with mobile!
Was certified for 11 consecutive times until 2013.01 ~ 2014.09, is recognized as a 100% detection rate for A-Class AhnLab.

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