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Block Microphone (Anti Spy)


Block Microphone (Anti Spy)

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Updated October 6, 2014
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Are you worried that someone may be spying on you?

Then you should install “Block Microphone”.
It will protect you from being spied on – and it’s FREE.

Your Device has several Apps that have permission to use the Microphone, and to make Audio Recordings. Some of them also have permission to connect to the Internet. These Apps can make Sound Recordings from your Device, and send them to an unknown receiver. Without your knowledge or consent!

Some Spy Apps may even secretly set up automatic hidden Phone Calls to or from your Phone, to listen to you. And you may know nothing about it.

This App – “Block Microphone” – will protect you from being spied on in this way, by enabling you to completely BLOCK THE MICROPHONE on your device at any time you choose. Before you want to make an Audio Recording yourself, simply touch a button to UNBLOCK the Microphone.

Nothing could be simpler.
A Status Notification always shows if the Microphone is Blocked or not.

An advanced optional feature makes it possible to check that the Microphone is Blocked at regular Intervals (from once per minute to once per day). If it is detected that someone has UN-Blocked the Microphone, it will immediately be Blocked again.
You may verify that it is working, by enabling a Text Notification each time the Microphone is checked.

If you select a short Checking Period, Battery consumption may increase slightly.

In order to block Spy Apps from listening directly on you (by setting up automatic Phone Calls to/from your Phone), you may also optionally Block the Microphone during Phone Calls. If you have selected this option – and receive a Phone Call – the Microphone can normally be unblocked by touching the MUTE button.

Blocking of the Microphone during Phone Calls may not work on all Phones.

Please note that this App will Block the Microphone by Muting it. This means that it will NOT stop potential Spy Apps from running, but IF they try to listen to you, or make a Sound Recording, only SILENCE will be recorded and heard.

If you are serious about avoiding being spied on, you may want to have a look at some of our other “Anti Spy” Apps; “Find Spy Apps (Ant Spy)” and “Block Cameras (Anti Spy)”. If you have installed one or more of these apps on your Device, it may be IMPOSSIBLE to spy on you!

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