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UpdatedSeptember 9, 2014
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Most of us have a few photos on our Android smart phones that we’d rather keep private. Whether they’re a bit racy, potentially incriminating, or just plain embarrassing, it’s probably a good idea to hide them from prying eyes. The good news is you can do exactly this with the help of Hide & Lock Photos App. You can fire up the app and then choose pictures to add to your secure vault, or you can select un-hide on the photo from the list to make it view-able to the public again. Either way the result is that your photos are hidden in a private gallery which is be password protected. This is a serious option for people seeking a wider range of privacy options. With this app you can hide photos in an encrypted, password-protected vault on your phone. This app is sure to make your phone “guest-proof.” That means your kids, friends, parents, etc. won’t be able to snoop around on your device while they’re using it to play games or check out photos of your recent family vacation.
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• The app’s navigability is excellent.
• The Hide & Lock Photos App makes it simple to just lock any photo in just one tap, and setting a password to easily unlock it when you want to.
• The UI is pretty solid and it runs smoothly on any android device, and it is certainly a handy little app to have running at all times.
• You can also set a security question in case you forget your password.
• Once you have hidden the images, they will be removed from main Gallery.
• You can un-hide the images which you want to send back to the main gallery.
Note: Make sure to un-hide your images before you un-install the app from your device. Otherwise you will lost your hidden photos/images.

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