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UpdatedSeptember 4, 2014
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While the globe gets more digitalized, human connections start drifting apart. In a turbulent world, we believe that modern technology should be used to make people feel closer and more reassured, especially about those dearest to them.

Introducing, Folr, a location-tracking application, that gives real-time information on the whereabouts of family members, significant others, best friends and more. Installed on any mobile device (smartphone or tablet), it unobtrusively updates you on the locations of the most important people in your life.

Be able to know where your children are after school, where your spouse goes during a business trip or where your clique was in the past week. Besides getting a peace of mind, this information will especially important during times of need or distress.

Who uses Folr

On a personal level, Folr is a tool for anyone who has loved ones – parents, children, spouses, significant others and close friends. Knowing where they are at any given point in time gives the reassurances to set your mind at ease.

On a wider level, there are many practical uses for social and institutional purposes.

Educational Organizations:
Administrators can be easily be updated on the whereabouts of its entire student body. Zones can be created around the campus grounds during school hours. With all students being tracked by Folr in real-time, it will be easy to note if anyone is absent. This makes the school’s attendance taking, discipline and on-campus liability much more manageable.

After a long week of meeting deadlines, many go for a night out on the town to relax. With Folr, revellers will be able to see which of their friends are also unwinding in same Zone. Also, with location tracking, if any merrymakers wander from the pack, their mates will know where to reunite. This makes it much easier for buddies getting and staying together.

How to get started

First, download Folr from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for free.

Second, users can select whom they wish to follow from their phones’ contacts.

Third, Folr will send that person a request. When they accept, they will be prompted to download Folr to be a user as well.

After that, users will be able to:

– Get real-time, detailed information on the location of your loved ones

– Get detailed location history of your loved ones for up to a year


Compatible with all devices
Easily installed on any mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and operating system (iOS or Android)

Easy to use
Users can select whom they wish to follow straight from their phones’ contacts.

Follow and be followed
There are two lists, a list of those who the user follows, and a list of those who want to follow the user.

Detailed Location History
Users can review the detailed history of the followed throughout the day and up to a whole year.

Privacy guaranteed
The followed can activate or deactivate the days-of-week and the hours-of-day that their device can be tracked.

Multiple practical uses
Perfect for institutions (i.e. attendance-taking in schools) and social purposes (i.e. locate friends nearby).

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