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icon wallpaper dressup-CocoPPa

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PublisherUNITED, Inc.
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UpdatedAugust 31, 2014
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Customize your homescreen with CocoPPa’s kawaii icons and wallpapers, for FREE! Hundreds of thousands of kawaii items are posted on CocoPPa:) CUTEST icon changer ever!!
Enjoy and Try Japanese kawaiiness!
New Cute Customization Packs of Hello Kitty, SNOOPY are now available.
CocoPPa is simple to use, with no need for complicated launcher apps.
Now even beginners can customize their homescreens instantly with CocoPPa’s kawaii icons and wallpapers!
CocoPPa Store now available!:)
Popular Characters Customization Packs are released.
◆Hello Kitty
◆My Melody
and so on.
Find your favorite!
Check 【CocoPPa Store】
Using launcher apps can cause the issues below.
We recommend using CocoPPa with your default Home Screen.
1. Your device may power down, or your icons may revert to their defaults after some time has passed.
2. Navigating to a folder may result in your icons reverting to their defaults.
3. Some or all icons cannot be changed.
Because launcher apps cause these issues, please be aware that our team cannot troubleshoot them.
CocoPPa version 2.0 marks a milestone update loaded with new features!
■ You can now create and post Home Screens from within the CocoPPa app!
You can also download entire Home Screens to your device instantly using the “Download All” feature!
Mix and match your favorite icons and wallpaper to come up with your own unique Home Screen set!
You can then post it to the lounge, making it available for anyone to download!
Free your inner artist and impress the world!
■ Personal boards are available on all user pages!
Leave your comments or requests on your favorite designer’s boards, or ask your friends about their recommended icons, wallpapers and Home Screen sets!!
Communicate with CocoPPa users from around the world!
■ The main app page now features a constant stream of fresh CocoPPa information, including events and recommended content!
Be sure to check out the latest buzz after starting up the app!
■ “”My List”” keeps track of commonly used apps and contacts to make configuring icons a breeze!
CocoPPa allow you to make an icon from your own photos saved in Gallery(o’ω’o)♪
※Icons made from photos cannot be in “public”. Please post as “private”.
* CocoPPa is a tool for making shortcut icons.
Shortcut icons will no longer work if the apps linked to them are deleted.
Please note that we hold no responsibility for apps you delete by mistake.
♥Languages ​​supported: Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German
♥Popular Characters Customization Packs are released.
Eagle Talon,Panpaka Pantsu,Come on LuLuLoLo,RebeccaBonbon
SWEETS MOUNTAIN,Hello Kitty,My Melody,SNOOPY,MonChien Nicolas,Pesoguin
Suzy’s Zoo,RODY,Pusheen,Doraemon,the bears’ school,ECONECO,Pom,Funassyi,Loving the Lie
Inquiries about the app can be directed to the addresses below.
◆For user inquiries:
◆For corporate inquiries:
CocoPPa is a registered trademark of UNITED, Inc.

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