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BigHippo - contact manager


BigHippo - contact manager

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Version 1.2.4
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Updated July 13, 2014
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BigHippo is a free, voice-enabled, personal mobile assistant that allows you to instantly recall and forever remember the personal information of those you interact with. Never again will you forget the name of a client’s spouse or a friend’s favorite sports team. BigHippo is a perfect complement to how you currently manage your contacts.

BigHippo effortlessly replicates all your phone’s contacts (from sources like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Exchange, and more). Add unlimited notes to all your contacts by typing or using voice dictation. Tag the contact notes you write for easy sorting and filtering — and get the information you need fast. Edit and add data about a contact’s hobbies, interests, vacations, education, achievements, and much more from a handy summary screen. Display key personal information from social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. BigHippo makes it easy to instantly recall this contact information whenever and wherever you need it.

BigHippo’s simple interface is easy and efficient for everyday use.

Free Features:
– Quickly add and recall personal information about your contacts
– Add contact notes with voice-recognition – you speak and BigHippo records
– Tag your contact notes for easy sorting and retrieval
– Create an “About” screen that provides a summary of your contact’s key personal information
– Display Facebook and Google+ profile information of your contacts such as status, family relationships, favorite books and more
– Connect to full LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ profiles with 1-click
– Automatically replicates contacts from your phone
– Easily add LinkedIn, Facebook and Outlook contacts
– Elegantly designed user interface
– Call and text contacts through the application
– Widgets let you quickly add a Voice Note from the Android home screen with 1-click

Premium Features:
– Unlimited contact notes
– Display LinkedIn profile information of your contacts such as status, locations and industry
– Cloud backup so you can restore your notes (just in case your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged)
– Create custom fields for the About summary screen — lets you to consolidate important information about your contacts on one screen

Why should you use BigHippo?

Do you find it challenging to remember important details of friends and colleagues? Do you wish you had a perfect memory? Do you agree that “personalizing business” can help you increase business?

Our mission is to help you build stronger relationships by remembering everything about everyone you value.

Why the heck is it called BigHippo?

Your hippocampus is one part of the brain that is critical for processing memory. Think of the BigHippo mobile app as your supplemental brain storage. It provides you with a bigger hippocampus… and it fits in your hip pocket.

We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at:

Coming soon – Driver (aka handsfree) Mode. Record and retrieve information using your voice. Please email us at if you would like to beta test!

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