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Rotation Manager – Control ++


Rotation Manager – Control ++

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UpdatedJune 26, 2014
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Premium version of Rotation Manager – Control. Extra features for each app.
For sale now only 0.70 € – for a limited time!!
**Please consider this as a donate version (with more features!) if you like this app and want to support our development. This is how much our coffee needs cost! Thanks!**
The premium version includes extra features for each app:
* brightness adjustment
* screen timeout
* media volume level
Also, if you long click Chuck Norris’s icon, it will change to a surprise…!
Rotation manager is a tool that lets you choose which application you want to rotate or which one you don’t want to rotate. It is a really simple app designed for the least possible power and RAM consumption.
The permanent notification that appears when you enable Rotation Manager with “Chuck Norris mode” lets you change app specific orientation while you are in an app, without going back to Rotation Manager

Inverse rotation has been implemented

ZERO ADS! So, many permissions have been removed

– Force the orientation of each app to your liking.
– Rotate your device freely, without worrying if your apps will change orientation.
– Orientation lock
– Forced Auto option
– Forced inverse portrait/landscape
– App-specific orientation
– Option for permanent notification, called Chuck Norris mode
– Extra options for each app (Brigthness, Screen Timeout, Media Volume)
The main button on top of the screen is the global orientation for all the apps. It is a 5-state button and gives you all the orientation possibilities. Then you can select from the list for every app your desired orientation. Your selection will override the default global orientation. If you want only two apps to rotate and all the others to stay at their default, just disable global orientation and then select both Portrait and Landscape for the specific app in the list. After you have selected your desired apps, just click on play and your settings will be in effect.
Βy enabling “Chuck Norris mode” from “Preferences” an invisible permanent notification starts which ensures that the service will not be killed by the OS. Enable it if you have low RAM problems and the orientation service stops.
Also, if you want to enable inverse rotation, just select the -1 button on top left of the screen. Then, whenever forced landscape or forced portrait is enabled, it will be in inverse.
If you want to enable extra features, just click on the 3 dots next to the app’s icon and select which features you want to override in each app.

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Our project is open source and distributed under GPLv3.

Help with the translation of the app!

These are the permissions are needed by the app to work:
android.permission.GET_TASKS : In order to retrieve the currently running app.
android.permission.CHANGE_CONFIGURATION : In order to change the orientation.
android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS : In order to change the global orientation settings.
android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : In order to start on boot.
android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW : In order to change the foreground orientation
android.permission.VIBRATE : In order to detonate your phone…

Special Thanks to:
Translators: @blassKriss, @mikolaj55, @maksnogin, @Andrulko, @maksnogin
Donors: David H

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