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CM App Installer


CM App Installer

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PublisherJordan Fisher
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UpdatedMay 21, 2014
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CM App Installer pushes CyanogenMod applications to any ROM, now supporting non-rooted devices!

Please try installing it the non-root method first!
I’ve tried a few versions of each app and tried to find a version which has the highest chance of installing normally. The ones uploaded currently are these versions!

Currently supported:
• Apollo music player
• CM Messaging
• CM Torch
• CM File Manager
• DSP Manager
• CM Calculator
• Voice +
• News and Weather Widget

** Please read this before you install! **

There are a lot of ROM’s out there, some CyanogenMod-based and some not. The CyanogenMod team go much further than ROM functions, they develop apps with increased functionality over stock or older versions.

This application is designed to install these CyanogenMod apps as system apps, regardless of your ROM! You now have the choice between installing it normally, or pushing it to your system partition

The process is designed to be as simple as possible
• select your app
• press download
• press install (Root or non-root methods now available!)
• reboot (if required)

The system will refresh them upon reboot, and the app should be installed

This app isn’t perfect! There isn’t much I can do about these things though after looking into it, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, for seemingly no reason. The most common errors are listed below
• Issue with install function copying a blank version of the application. For this reason, i’ve installed an “Information” button on each app, which will tell you the size of the apps where they are.. If you get an installed file size of 0, then your current ROM has this persistent issue, and there appears to be nothing I can do about it on this end. If there is, or if anyone can figure it out, please contact me. Note, this is a ROM issue, something to do with the mounting in your ROM, or the Root status of your device. This issue has nothing to do with the application itself! (if you check, the issue will persist in apps such as Root Explorer)
• Parsing errors. If checking Information under the installed app and the installed file size matches the downloaded file size, then this may be an issue with your device or ROM, and this is due to a incompatibility with the application and your device. An older version might work, but at the moment older versions of apk’s aren’t supported. The latest apk’s are pulled from the CM nightlies every week or so. Sorry
• Voice+ showing SMS Permission error. Unfortunately this error is nothing to do with me, it is the design of the VoicePlus application and there’s not a lot I can do about it. I recommend trying: Uninstalling Voice+, Use a file explorer (such as root browser) to go to your default storage directory, and there should be a folder labelled CMApps. Inside here are the downloaded apks. Try installing it from here (assuming your Unknown sources in Security is ticked)

If it doesn’t work you’ll have to go and grab a CM build for your phone, extract the apps and attempt to push them yourself.

I do not take any responsibility for this app breaking the respective apps, your device, or causing spontaneous combustion. Use at your own risk, although “Uninstall (Revert backup)” should restore your previous application

I take no credit for the CyanogenMod applications, they were developed by the CyanogenMod team, and all credit goes to them for their apps. My intent is to make the install process much easier

If anyone has any suggestions as to apps that could be added, i’m available at

Donations welcome!
Bitcoin: 19G1hpBMkkB1GP7R18ELyQbSiNrDtR6AUd
PayPal:¤cy_code=GBP (Available through the app)

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