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UpdatedMarch 24, 2014
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The Sword Art Online system menu, for smartphones and tablets. Pay $2.99 inside Options to turn off ads.
Launch SAO Launcher by swiping down from the top right or left corners. Various orbs will fall down, giving you access to contacts, applications, maps, and more. When you’re finished, tap away to dismiss the orbs.
SAO Launcher can be extended with themes and extensions, found inside the Store (Settings Orb)! Themes can change the entire look and feel of the app, from images to sounds and fonts. Extensions, meanwhile, will add additional orbs to SAO Launcher, giving you enhanced functionality. Best of all, both have public APIs! Anyone can write a theme or extension and easily share it with others. Get started with the following links.
For those with too much free time, try to find the rotating orbs easter egg.
Q: Why can’t I uninstall the app!?
A: It’s probably set as a Device Administrator. Go into Settings, Security, Device Administrators, and uncheck SAO Launcher.
Q: How do I get sms to pop up?
A: Install the SMS extension – it’s another app, you can find it under Other Apps by this Developer
Q: How do I use themes?
A: Install the theme, then go into Options. You should immediately see it as a choice aside Default.
Q: Why is there a delay launching the app after pressing the Home button?
A: Android introduces a 5sec delay for all services after the Home button is pressed. There is no way to get around this.
Q: Why do I still see my old SMS notifications after installing the extension?
A: I can’t touch another app’s notifications. Luckily, the default SMS app lets you disable notifications in settings.
Q: Why can’t I hear any sound?
A: There are different streams (System, Notification, Media). Some phones disable System, the stream usually reserved for button clicks. If you have one of those phones, you’ll have to change the stream in Options.
Q: This isn’t a launcher! Why claim it is?
A: It is… Sort of. It launches apps. It is not meant to replace your default launcher, though.
Q: Why is log out missing
A: Log out required Admin Rights, which make it difficult to uninstall apps (You have to manually go into Settings, drill down into Administrative Apps, remove the app, then uninstall). True frustration is being asked (many times!) every day how to uninstall the app (usually via a 1star review). Anyway, now people bug me about why log out is missing, which I frankly prefer, because at least they leave me with 4star reviews.
Q: Can you add feature X?
A: Shoot me an email at, I’ll see what I can do.

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