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UpdatedJanuary 12, 2014
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This application is for 3 Ireland Pre-Pay users only.
NOTE: This application and its author have absolutely no affiliation with Hutchison 3G. You can Contribute to development here:

– This application will fetch and display your 3pay usage information.
– Usage information is grouped and sorted.
– This application will work When You Are on 3’s GSM network and so When on Wi-Fi.
– Alert notifications can be givenName to the user When Their internet add-on’s are about to expire.
Please note, is AWFUL slow. It can have a knock-on effect on this application.
This application needs your My3 username / password. You can register at (note: do not access this URL When on 3’s network, as it will simply bypass the registration screen and Directly show you your account page as it validates you via your GSM session . Access it via Wi-Fi on your handset or use a PC / Laptop)
You need your SIM Serial to register with My3. If you need your sim serial (ICCID), hit refresh once, and the application will show it for you, if you have no login details Entered. This is useful if you have Micro / Nano SIM and the ICCID is not visible!
This application will use at intermediate server to speed up retrieval usage by default. This is most notice able When You Are on a 2G connection, and to some extend a 3G connection. The intermediate server is hosted at and traffic is encrypted over TLS. The intermediate server is not used When You Are on Wi-Fi,
You can set Whether you want to use the intermediate server or connect directly to from settings.
This application makes use of the Following open-source projects:
* ActionBarSherlock Apache License v2: * JSoup MIT License: http:// / license * JSON MIT License: * Joda Time Apache License v2 : * Apache HttpClient Apache License v2: http://www.apache. org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.txt * ACRA Apache License v2: * Phone Icon Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 http:/ / * Antenna Icon Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Keywords: 3 ireland, 3ireland, prepay, 3pay, my3, , three, credit

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