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Network Log


Network Log

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PublisherPragmatic Software
Version 2.21.0
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Updated January 12, 2014
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Full source code available at and .

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Note: While the app Itself is designed to use minimal CPU / battery, you can reduce the Further CPU / battery use by exiting the app after starting the logging service.
Wondering When and to where your Android apps are connecting across the Internet? Look no further! Network Login is for you!
Network Log monitors iptables logging to display a real-time list nominal real apps are making network connections, and Provides statistics about Those app connections.
★ Real-time log display
The log tab shows the network packets being trans-mitted and Their details: such as:
* Source and destination addresses / ports
* network protocol and interface
* bytes trans-mitted
* timestamp
★ Real-time network usage statistics
The Apps tab lists installed applications alongwith network usage statistics: such as:
* Total packets and bytes sent
* active network throughput speed in bps / kbps / Mbps
* timestamp of last connection
* list of all the unique connections made ​​by each app
* sortable and filterable packets / bytes counters
★ Real-time connection notifications
The statusbar icon’s up / down arrows will highlight When upload / download traffic the occurs, and the notification drop-down shade displays the connection throughput speed in Kbps.
You can therefore configure toast pop-up notifications on a per-app basis thatwill pop-up a temporary notification Containing connection detail no matter Which app you are in.
★ Graphs
Click an app in Either tab to see time-lines of its connections.
Select the ‘timeline apps’ menu item to see an over-all time-line of all apps.
Adjustable interval from 1 ms to 48 hours for summing data:
* To see each packet, set to 1 ms
* for Kbps, set to 1 second
* for Kb-per-hour, set to 1 hour, etc
Adjustable pinch-zoomable and scrollable graphs.
Requires rooted devices.

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