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PublisherScott Warner
Version2.1.6 (30)
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UpdatedDecember 28, 2018
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CategoryPersonalization & Tools


A simple open-source tool for quickly taking and sharing system logs.
Root is required for Android 4.1+, and recommended for all versions.
Log types supported:
* Kernel logs (dmsg)
* Last kernel log (last_kmsg, if device supports it)
* Main log (Logcat)
* Modem log
After taking logs, it compresses them into a single zip, and allows you to share or upload them right away – great for helping debug system issues.
You can also include notes within the zip, and append up to 10 characters to the file name.
New feature in v1.2: Grep the logs for a string. This will run the logs through grep before adding them to the zip. This is case sensitive! It will also automatically add a line to the end of the notes describing which logs and what string was used.
All the source is available at
Licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2.
Uses libsuperuser by Jorrit ‘Chainfire’ Jongma, available at and the ActionBarSherlock compatibility library available at

Version history:
v1.5 (September 28, 2013)
– Update ActionBarSherlock and libsuperuser
– New error handling system
– It now describes errors, and tries to offer some advice on how to resolve
– Option to email a bug report
– Added an FAQ (Check in the menu)
– It now requires you to have at least one log type selected
v1.3 (August 24, 2013)
– Fixes for SU on Android 4.3
– Some code cleanup
v1.2.2 (June 15, 2013)
– Add ACCESS_SUPERUSER permission
– Fix a null pointer exception
– Update ActionBarSherlock to version 4.3.1
– Update libsuperuser to the latest version
v1.2.1 (Feb 8, 2013)
– New feature: Grep the logs for a string. See the app description for more information.
– Use the ActionBarSherlock compatibility library to create a uniform appearance
– Enable rotation and landscape layout (Also fixes crashes on keyboard open)
– Improve the layout – it now scrolls (Sorry hdpi devices!)
– Make sure the main logs directory has a .nomedia file
– Fix for running multiple times within a minute (Sorry for the multiple updates, this bothered me)
v1.1 (Jan 19, 2013)
– Automatically disable log types if not supported (Modem and last_kmsg)
– Show the directory where the logs are saved in the toast when done
Initial release

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